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Download Mitt Romney: NH needs to send Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate - October 31, 2014
Download Stop Obama's Extreme Immigration Agenda By Sending David Perdue To U.S. Senate - October 31, 2014
Download Tom McClintock: Illegal immigration has had 'huge impact' on CA politics - October 31, 2014
Download Tucker Carlson: GOP has failed to make inroads with blue collar workers - October 30, 2014
Download Joni Ernst pledges to fight executive amnesty - October 29, 2014
Download Ingraham: Quarantined nurse is getting talking points from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - October 29, 2014
Download Obama's amnesty deputy Sen. Jeanne Shaheen laughs while Americans suffer - October 29, 2014
Download Ingraham: Nurse Hickox is the Sandra Fluke of the Ebola crisis - October 28, 2014
Download Pro-American Worker Patriot Scott Brown takes on Obama's amnesty deputy, Jeanne Shaheen. - October 28, 2014
Download Sharyl Attkisson barred from Ingraham's "extremely far right" radio show - October 27, 2014
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