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Download Byron York: 'The Optimism of Trump's Speech Reflects the Optimism of the Country' - March 01, 2017
Download VP Pence: Administration Putting 'Finishing Touches' On Revised Travel Ban - March 01, 2017
Download Sen. Manchin: 'Democrats On The Far Left Are Disconnected To The American People' - March 01, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: President Trump Will Lead Differently Than GWB - Won't Bankrupt Our Country Or Incur Massive Loss of Life - February 27, 2017
Download Speaker Gingrich: 'The Obama's & Bushes Failed In The Middle East' - February 27, 2017
Download Sean Spicer: 'Checks WH Staffers' Phones For All Leaks & More Searches Might Be Coming' - February 27, 2017
Download Pillsbury: 'Gen. McMaster Has Different Views On China Then Gen. Flynn' - February 23, 2017
Download Gov. Huckabee :'George Will Is One Of The Most Bitter People I've Ever Met' - February 23, 2017
Download Matt Schlapp: 'Fumble' To Invite Milo Yiannopoulos to CPAC - February 21, 2017
Download Rep. Peter King: 'The American People Loved Trump's Presser; Finally Calling Out The Elite Pompous Media' - February 17, 2017