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Download Bret Baier: "If there was evidence on Clinton's emails, it could have been wiped clean." - April 24, 2015
Download Rep. Ryan Zinke: "I don't trust this president to make the good decisions for America." - April 24, 2015
Download Jennifer Rubin: Scott Walker, The Media and "Anti-Immigration" Rhetoric - April 23, 2015
Download Pat Buchanan vs. Paul Ryan on Fast Track Trade Authority - April 23, 2015
Download David Brooks: Marco Rubio Has the Raw Political Talent for 2016 - April 21, 2015
Download Kevin Kearns: Obama's New Trade Deal Represents Massive Executive Overreach - April 21, 2015
Download Ingraham to Rubio: How Many Foreign Workers Would You Allow into the U.S.? - April 20, 2015
Download Frank Roche: A GOP Deal to Give Obama More Trade Power Is An Awful Idea - April 20, 2015
Download Michael Berry: Increasingly Hostile Work Environment for Christians in the U.S. Military - April 20, 2015
Download Gov. Christie: It's Good To See That The Left Is Defending The Rich - April 15, 2015
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