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Download Joe diGenova: These 17 People Would be Alive Today if Adults at the FBI had Done Their Jobs, But they Didn't - February 21, 2018
Download Jason Whitlock: LeBron's criticism of the President was unsophisticated, ineffective, and had no substance. - February 20, 2018
Download Hogan Gidley: Democrats' Hatred for Trump Outweighs Their Love of the Country - February 16, 2018
Download VDH to Lebron James: 'If you can't take the heat, stay on the court.' - February 16, 2018
Download Andy McCarthy: Rosenstein's Original Sin is That When he Appointed Mueller, He Did Not Name a Crime Like You Are Supposed To - February 01, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: The Clinton Email Investigation Was a Farce, The Message Was Set from the Beginning that It Wasn't Going to be a Serious Investigation - January 30, 2018
Download Joy Villa on Jay Z: His Comments Were 'Ridiculous' Money and Job Creation Matter in Black Communities Every Community - January 29, 2018
Download Kurtz: I'm a product of the mainstream media, but I've been radicalized over these past 2 years by the personal and political attacks on Trump. - January 25, 2018
Download Dershowitz: In a Mueller interview, Trump could refuse to answer certain questions; he exercised his constitutional authority in firing Comey. - January 25, 2018
Download Joe DiGenova on FBI's Missing Stzrok & Page Texts: 'This stuff exists, and it's all at the NSA.' - January 23, 2018