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Download Andy McCarthy: I Rate Jeff Sessions a '1' on a scale of 1-10 in his handling of the Russia investigation - December 18, 2017
Download Female LI Listeners Speak Out About #MeToo Movement - December 15, 2017
Download Roger Stone on Omarosa: She's not a conservative, doesn't understand the Trump agenda; She's Angry Over Her Firing - December 14, 2017
Download Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Was Duplicitous in Removing Anti-Trump Members of His Team and Now He is Being Praised for His Duplicity - December 14, 2017
Download Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore is Lightyears Better Than Jones on Illegal Immigrants, Building the Wall, Confirming Conservative Justices - December 12, 2017
Download Rep. Todd Rokita: I Would Fully Support the Renaming of San Francisco Park After Kate Steinle - December 07, 2017
Download Lewandowski: I Remember When Steve Schmidt Came to Us Begging for a Job. Now He's Criticizing Trump Just Because He Didn't Get the Job. - December 07, 2017
Download Joy Villa on Giving Up Her Baby for Adoption: Even though I had made mistakes, I knew that my baby was innocent and deserved a beautiful life. - December 06, 2017
Download Alan Dershowitz: You Simply Cannot Be Charged for Obstruction of Justice for Exercising Your Article II Authority as President and Calling Congress - December 05, 2017
Download Find out the True Meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lee Habeeb - December 04, 2017