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Download Sol Wisenberg: It's obvious Hillary's server was set up in her home to avoid FOIA requests that would reveal embarrassing information - June 14, 2018
Download Inhofe: We All Understand the President Has the Authority to Impose Tariffs, Corker Hates the President & Will do Anything he Can to Inflict Damage - June 13, 2018
Download Graham Allison: North Korea negotiations a big win for the US, we are far better off than we were a year ago. - June 13, 2018
Download Peter Navarro: I don't understand how self righteous Canada wants to be, we would've had a NAFTA deal if they hadn't been dragging their heels - June 08, 2018
Download John Cox: We're going to turn this state around and we'll see a new day in California - June 04, 2018
Download Buchanan: Trump is an Economic Patriot - June 01, 2018
Download Judge Mike Mukasey Interview - June 01, 2018
Download Dinesh D'Souza on Pardon: Obama's team of Goons was Unleashed to Get me in Retaliation for my Movie about Obama - May 31, 2018
Download Shelby Steele: Racism Has Become Virtually Meaningless - May 30, 2018
Download Roger Stone - May 21, 2018