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Download OMB Director Mulvaney: 'Deep Issues In Congress & Leadership Is Not Trusted; President Cannot Fix What's Broken In The House' - April 12, 2017
Download AG Sessions: 'Border Patrol Agents Fired Up Over Trump Agenda; I'm An Admirer Of Bannon, I Have Not Felt Any Pushback On My Policies' - April 12, 2017
Download Gov. Abbott: 'Defunding All Sanctuary Cities Would Provide All The Necessary Money To Fund The Border Wall' - April 11, 2017
Download Julian Assange: 'WikiLeaks Is Extremely Annoyed That Putin/Russia Gets Any Credit For Our Leaks & Publications' - April 11, 2017
Download Julian Assange: 'CIA & U.S. Government Has NO Creditability On Assad Chemical Attack; Until We See Public Evidence We Have To Say Alleged Attack' - April 11, 2017
Download Gordon Chang: 'We Do Not Know Where Trump Stands With China; Ivanka's Child Should NOT Be Singing To The Chinese Leader, Sends All the Wrong Signals' - April 10, 2017
Download Buchanan: 'If You Try To Throw Out Assad We Will Be Fighting 4 Wars At Once; Including The Russians' - April 10, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: 'I Would Like To See The Evidence That The Attack Was Assad; It Should Be Looked Into' - April 07, 2017
Download Axelrod: 'Not Going To Win A Battle On Policy With Family Members In The WH; Populist Members On The Run & Corporate People On The Rise' - April 07, 2017
Download Dr. Gorka: 'The President Has NOT Changed His Foreign Policy View On Syria or The Middle East In General' - April 07, 2017