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Download Congressman Ted Yoho discusses the Internet turnover and why Trump is going to win Florida - September 30, 2016
Download Former RNC Chair Michael Steele - Trump has to stop tweeting and let it go - September 30, 2016
Download Conrad Black: 'America's Last Chance Is With Donald; Expecting Him To Up His Game' - September 30, 2016
Download Amb. Bolton: We're seeing a world that wants to do away with nation-states. - September 29, 2016
Download Kathleen Willey: Clinton called me a bimbo; they have no room to talk. - September 28, 2016
Download Allan Lichtman: 'Big Dilemma For Hillary Clinton On Economy' - September 26, 2016
Download Ben Crenshaw: 'America Has Lost Their Traditional Way; 'The King' Of Golf Will Truly Be Missed' - September 26, 2016
Download Ed Rollins: 'Riots In Charlotte Help Trump' - September 22, 2016
Download Grover Norquist: 'The Only Limit To Hillary Is Her Imagination & Liberal Elites' - September 21, 2016
Download Gov. Christie: 'Hillary Has No Experience In Law-Enforcement Except Being Interviewed By Them; She's A Disgrace' - September 21, 2016