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Download Aviation Expert Douglas Carmody:The co-pilot in the German plane crash wouldn't have gotten an interview with one of the airlines in the US. - March 26, 2015
Download Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: From Bergdahl to Germanwings; this administration is in deliberate denial of terrorism, all of the time. - March 26, 2015
Download Mike Allen: "Hillary is working on her political skills, she's not there yet." - March 25, 2015
Download Richard Grenell: Iraqi Christians struggle after ISIS takeover - March 25, 2015
Download Ad Dem Pat Lavin: "When people come here illegally businesses are going to take advantage" - March 24, 2015
Download Sen. Cruz: "I haven't seen a whole lot of success when candidates treat voters as children." - March 24, 2015
Download Rep. Zinke: "I'm the last guy that wants to go to war. I know the consequences but not doing anything has greater consequences." - March 23, 2015
Download Rep. McClintock: "We are spending more now on the Defense program than we ever did, even when we were at war." - March 20, 2015
Download Bill Gertz: "Obama wants his opening to Iran to complete his legacy, Iran will not agree." - March 20, 2015
Download Larry King: Emmy and Peabody Award-winning host is a media innovator in his prime - March 19, 2015
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