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Download Former LA ICE Agent Claude Arnold: 1-2 Busloads a Day of Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the Border per Day - April 20, 2018
Download Steve Moore: Manufacturers are bullish on the future and talking about expanding their operations as a result of the tax cut - April 18, 2018
Download Former Immigration Judge Art Arthur: Justice Gorsuch got it wrong on yesterday's SCOTUS decision, and so did the analysts - April 18, 2018
Download If you'd gone based on the other pollsters in 2016 you would've thought we wouldn't have even needed to have an election because Hillary was so far ahead.
Rassmussen's Fran Coombs: We stand behind our polls 100% - April 16, 2018
Download Rep. Luke Messer of Indiana stops by to talk about his new plan to stop sanctuary city funding - April 12, 2018
Download John Fund: 'Blue Wave' Midterm Predictions are Psychological Warfare on the Part of the Media, They Want to Convince GOP It's Over Before it Begins - April 12, 2018
Download Joe diGenova - Former DC US Attorney, Partner & Founder, diGenova & Toensing on Cohen Office FBI Raid - April 10, 2018
Download Newt Gingrich - 50th Speaker of the House of Representatives, Author of Understanding Trump (2017) - April 10, 2018
Download Pat Buchanan: The Special Counsel is a machine to take down the president, they are Engines Inside the Executive Branch to Bring Down Presidents - April 09, 2018
Download Peter Navarro: The Chinese are Buying up America's Crown Jewels in Technology, the Arrogant Idea that We'll Always be First in Tech is Incorrect - April 09, 2018