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Download Chris Cillizza: How things are getting bad and getting worse for Jeb - November 24, 2015
Download Larry Kudlow: Trump prevails despite Kasich's efforts; Likens elite opposition to Trump to elite dislike of Reagan - November 24, 2015
Download Mary Mayhew: Maine Doubles Down on Welfare Reform Despite Media Backlash - November 23, 2015
Download Tucker Carlson: Obama doesn't like the bulk of the people in the U.S., everything about refugees is good for him but not the average person. - November 20, 2015
Download Dinesh D'Souza: DonaldTrump is the most electrifying figure we have had in politics since Reagan - November 19, 2015
Download David Brooks: Politics Is About 'Balancing Values' - November 19, 2015
Download Trump: Too Early To Tell Who Will Be VP; Hesitant on picking this early but likes Cruz - November 17, 2015
Download Rand Paul: There are many examples of refugees coming in under false pretenses; until we know where everyone is I would say NO refugees. - November 17, 2015
Download Gov. Abbott: I cannot even count the number of Syrians who have crossed our southern border in TX, we have no way of vetting refugees. - November 16, 2015
Download Tim Aker: As borders lock down: Europe has a new refugee crisis - November 16, 2015
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