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Download Louisiana Senate candidate Bill Cassidy pledges to stand with the American worker - September 30, 2014
Download Oklahoma Congressman: We need to start vetting the legal immigrants we are importing in the U.S. - September 29, 2014
Download "Workplace violence"? Another Islamic extremist beheads a victim... in Oklahoma! - September 29, 2014
Download Sen. Pat Roberts confirms that he will "absolutely" stand against any bill that doubles the number of legal guest workers - September 26, 2014
Download Former Muslim Brother Associate: U.S. has opened its gates to fundamental Islamists - September 25, 2014
Download Sen. Tom Coburn: "the CR was a lie. We lied to the American ppl about how much everything will actually cost." - September 25, 2014
Download Scott Brown: NH Senate race is all about immigration - September 24, 2014
Download Meet John Feehery-- the worst of the political consultants. - September 23, 2014
Download Richard Branson explains what led to his success and what he's learned about leadership - September 23, 2014
Download What's the real reason North Carolina is turning blue? - September 23, 2014
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