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Download Sheriff Clarke: Media is Giving "Notoriety" to VA Killer - August 27, 2015
Download "I think we lose when we're angry or insulting, we persuade through uplifting passion and conservative values." - August 27, 2015
Download David Catanese:"The Jeb people are struggling with the Trump factor, as candidates drop out of the race they will probably support Jeb Bush." - August 27, 2015
Download Trump: Jeb Bush is failing and part of the reason he's failing is bc of his brother, I don't care how much money he raises." - August 26, 2015
Download George Will: Jeb Bush last ran for office in 2002, many Republicans wonder where he has been during Obama's mistakes over the years. - August 26, 2015
Download Gov. Christie: "If what we want to do as a Republican Party is re-litigate the old wars of the 90's and the 2000's, then Jeb is the perfect candidate" - August 25, 2015
Download Former Attorney Gen. Mukasey: HillaryClinton is in jeopardy for "anticipatory obstruction of justice" charge with email deletions. - August 25, 2015
Download Sen. Vitter: "The political establishment; including Mitch McConnell run away from the controversial issues like birthright citizenship." - August 25, 2015
Download Byron York: "Trump has moved the debate on immigration for all of these Republican candidates, they are all forced to address the issue." - August 24, 2015
Download Bob Costa: Donald Trump is drawing people that are not interested in politics, these are people that haven't voted in 10 years - August 24, 2015
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