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Download Sen. Rand Paul: 'When It Comes to Health Care Reform Establishment Republicans Don't Know How to Make a Good Deal' - June 29, 2017
Download Rep. Andy Biggs: 'Republicans Have Done A Terrible Job Messaging On Policies That Will Protect American Lives; Specifically Messaging on Immigration' - June 28, 2017
Download Glenn Greenwald: 'The Media Thinks Any Communication With Russia Is Collusion & This Is Dangerous For Our Foreign Policy' - June 28, 2017
Download Sen. Jim Risch: 'Bob Mueller Appointing Liberal Loyalist to the Special Counsel Is Deeply Disturbing' - June 27, 2017
Download David Cortman: 'Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to sell wedding cake to gay couple' - June 27, 2017
Download Rep. Dingell: 'Donald Trump Understood The American Peoples Fears; Democratic Party Has to Find a Real Message That Appeals to Voters' - June 26, 2017
Download Joe diGenova: 'The Judges Travel Ban Decisions In The 4th & 9th Circuits Are Impeachable' - June 26, 2017
Download Alan Dershowitz: 'Justice Ginsburg Should Recuse Herself From Any Case That Involves President Trump Personally' - June 26, 2017
Download Larry Sabato: 'It's Time For Nancy Pelosi To Go; The Congress & Senate Has Become A Nursing Home' - June 23, 2017
Download Jeremy Peters: 'There Are Plenty of People Around Trump Saying 'No Mr. President' But He Doesn't Listen & It Has Worked Out Well' - June 23, 2017