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Download Trump: 'Hillary Moves Slow On Everything & We Will Have Softening On Immigration' - September 01, 2016
Download Larry Kudlow: 'Trump Is the Middle-Class Growth Candidate' - August 09, 2016
Download Fury Builds Against Speaker Ryan - December 09, 2015
Download Ingraham: GOP donors wrestle with possibility of Trump nomination - November 30, 2015
Download Lame Duck Speaker, Lame Deal: GOP Congress again cedes constitutional prerogative, works with Dems to jack up spending - October 27, 2015
Download Ingraham: Trump Schools The Press & GOP On Building A Brand - July 27, 2015
Download Ingraham: Trump Has The GOP Establishment's Number - July 23, 2015
Download Ingraham Slames GOP For Attacking Trump - July 09, 2015
Download Ingraham: California killing inflames debate on illegal immigrants, 'sanctuary cities' - July 07, 2015
Download Ingraham On Flag-Banning: Next They Will Come For The Monuments, The Grave Sites, The Uniforms, And The Civil War Re-Enactments - June 25, 2015
Download Bishop E.W. Jackson: "If we ban guns the only people who will have them are criminals. As a pastor you have to protect your flock." - June 18, 2015
Download Ingraham: Why America Hates the GOP-Obamatrade Deal - June 12, 2015
Download Ingraham: Jeb Bush in Berlin: Remember My Dad's Role in Cold War, NOT My Brother's in Iraq - June 10, 2015
Download Ingraham: The Lies American Action Network and GOP Elites Are Portraying On Trade Deal - June 04, 2015
Download Ingraham: Appeals Court Denies Bid to Let Obama Immigration Plan Proceed - May 27, 2015
Download Ingraham Criticizes Michelle Obama's Advice to Oberlin Graduates - May 26, 2015
Download Ingraham: After Media Drought Hillary Responds With Vague Answers - May 20, 2015
Download Ingraham On Jeb's Iraq Answer - May 11, 2015
Download Ingraham: How American Wages Continue To Plummet - May 01, 2015
Download Which GOP Candidates Would Go To A Gay Wedding? - April 20, 2015
Download Ingraham: Mandatory voting a good or bad idea? Who's voting, who's not and why? - March 24, 2015
Download Ingraham: DOJ Report Fails To Address Ferguson's Major Problems - March 13, 2015
Download Ingraham Detects GOP Cave In From The Start - March 03, 2015
Download Laura: GOP Fights When It Cares About The Issue, Amnesty Is Not Important Enough - February 26, 2015
Download Laura slams establishment leaders over DHS Funding Bill - February 24, 2015
Download Laura slams Jeb for trying to create a new Bush identity - February 18, 2015
Download Jeb Bush should recant his support of Common Core or embrace it - February 11, 2015
Download Bill Donohue: How this president is not proud to be an American. - February 06, 2015
Download Laura slams Jeb Bush on immigration amnesty - January 28, 2015
Download One professor fights against liberal education - January 26, 2015
Download Laura Says Romney is 'Driving the Bushes Crazy' - January 19, 2015
Download Ingraham: Throws down the gauntlet on amnesty turn votes - January 15, 2015
Download Ingraham's overview on Islamic attacks - January 08, 2015
Download Can't Miss In Studio Performance: Robert Randolph wows on his Dobro guitar - December 18, 2014
Download EXPOSED: Who's really teaching your kids' sex-ed classes - December 17, 2014
Download Pet Owners Gone Mad-- And Government Not Far Behind - December 16, 2014
Download Who was the most fascinating person of 2014? - December 15, 2014
Download Laura learns the secret to helping your kids with homework while avoiding the family stress - December 12, 2014
Download Mainstream Media: 'Why You May Be Racist (Even Though You Don't Feel Like One)' - December 09, 2014
Download UVA Rape Story Collapses: Should Rolling Stone Be Sued For Libel? - December 08, 2014
Download Ingraham Pans 'Peter Tan Live!' No Amount of Clapping Brings It To Life - December 05, 2014
Download Did Grand Jury make the right call in Garner case? - December 04, 2014
Download Best-selling author James Patterson on how you can save literature - December 03, 2014
Download Ingraham: Slap Body Cameras On Obama - December 02, 2014
Download Thanksgiving Horror Stories: Ingraham Listeners Share Their Most Hilarious Holiday Memories - November 26, 2014
Download Obama should ALWAYS have to give his speeches with split screens that show the truth - November 25, 2014
Download Obama's lawless executive amnesty is unprecedented - November 21, 2014
Download Should communities lift the ban on pit bulls? - November 19, 2014
Download Award-winning author reveals the forgotten casualties of Afghanistan - November 17, 2014
Download Tyranny of the minority: Should transgenders be allowed to use the bathroom of their choosing? - November 14, 2014
Download Dir. of Athletics at University of Alabama gives his predictions for the big Alabama- Mississippi State Game - November 13, 2014
Download Who are the real extremists? - November 11, 2014
Download Byron York: Dems might have won midterm if GOP had passed immigration amnesty - November 07, 2014
Download Mainstream Media in Mourning: The Liberal Spin Begins - November 05, 2014
Download Has the UK's multiculturalism program been a complete failure? - November 03, 2014
Download What scary movie keeps you up at night? - October 31, 2014
Download Is America's pastime past it's prime? - October 28, 2014
Download Today marks the 50th anniversary of Reagan's landmark Time For Choosing speech - October 27, 2014
Download Our Pariah President: Senate Dems try to distance themselves from toxic POTUS - October 21, 2014
Download Ingraham debunks STEM shortage myth - October 17, 2014
Download Ingraham: How many Americans are going to have to die before Obama does his job? - October 16, 2014
Download Infectious Disease Specialist: Frieden is "ridiculous" for insisting Ebola is "hard to contract" - October 15, 2014
Download Mr. Obama Goes To Hollywood - October 10, 2014
Download Should we be concerned about China's increasing market power and global influence? - October 09, 2014
Download Ingraham exposes the biggest problem facing our nation today - October 08, 2014
Download Should Colorado, Oregon and DC legalize marijuana this November? - October 07, 2014
Download Mexico's President says he knows the real reason conservatives want to close the border... - October 06, 2014
Download Containing Ebola, exposing political correctness - October 03, 2014
Download California bags the bags! Laura predicts liberals are about to really "step in it". - October 02, 2014
Download Julia Pierson was a "historic" appointment, but was she really the "best" choice? - October 01, 2014
Download Is it time to dismantle DHS? - September 30, 2014
Download Listen to Laura's remarks at her rally for Dave Brat HERE - September 29, 2014
Download Mainstream media and the Administration bid a tearful farewell to Eric Holder - September 26, 2014
Download The coalition of the not-so-willing: What are our allies really contributing to the fight against ISIS? - September 24, 2014
Download ZING! Techies gush over their new bundle of joy. - September 22, 2014
Download Indoctrination by ESPN-- Is the Left using latest NFL scandals to reprogram how we raise men? - September 17, 2014
Download Streisand reneges on her retirement promise (again)--and ruins "Love me Tender" in "duet" with dead Elvis - September 16, 2014
Download She's back: Hillary goes to Iowa, but will Iowa go for Hillary? - September 15, 2014
Download Islam-- a religion of peace? Dinesh D'souza joins Laura to discuss - September 12, 2014
Download Where's Obama's "International Coalition" now? - September 12, 2014
Download Jennifer Griffin brings us the latest Benghazi revelations that you won't hear in mainstream media - September 10, 2014
Download Zing! Techies take to the streets to wait for the latest iPhone - September 09, 2014
Download Self-driving cars: a groundbreaking innovation or just a gateway for more government control? - September 08, 2014
Download Back to school: Everything you NEED to know about the Common Core - September 04, 2014
Download Does use of recreational pot lead to more fatal crashes? - September 03, 2014
Download Will GOP squander a gimme midterm election? - September 02, 2014
Download Do unions help or hurt the American worker? - August 29, 2014
Download Why does CNN and MSNBC only value the deaths of black people only when a white person is involved? - August 28, 2014
Download Will the Dept. of Transportation begin tracking you through your car? - August 27, 2014
Download The real story about what police officers face everyday - August 25, 2014
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