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Download Co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, on how to "make it" as a start up - September 19, 2014
Download Indoctrination by ESPN-- Is the Left using latest NFL scandals to reprogram how we raise men? - September 17, 2014
Download Streisand reneges on her retirement promise (again)--and ruins "Love me Tender" in "duet" with dead Elvis - September 16, 2014
Download She's back: Hillary goes to Iowa, but will Iowa go for Hillary? - September 15, 2014
Download Islam-- a religion of peace? Dinesh D'souza joins Laura to discuss - September 12, 2014
Download Where's Obama's "International Coalition" now? - September 12, 2014
Download Jennifer Griffin brings us the latest Benghazi revelations that you won't hear in mainstream media - September 10, 2014
Download Zing! Techies take to the streets to wait for the latest iPhone - September 09, 2014
Download Self-driving cars: a groundbreaking innovation or just a gateway for more government control? - September 08, 2014
Download Back to school: Everything you NEED to know about the Common Core - September 04, 2014
Download Does use of recreational pot lead to more fatal crashes? - September 03, 2014
Download Will GOP squander a gimme midterm election? - September 02, 2014
Download Do unions help or hurt the American worker? - August 29, 2014
Download Why does CNN and MSNBC only value the deaths of black people only when a white person is involved? - August 28, 2014
Download Will the Dept. of Transportation begin tracking you through your car? - August 27, 2014
Download The real story about what police officers face everyday - August 25, 2014
Download Back to School: Everything you need to know about common core - August 21, 2014
Download Laura has a plan for Obama's new library. - August 20, 2014
Download OBAMA DEMANDS FERGUSON "TRANSPARENCY" but won't reveal records on health website security. - August 19, 2014
Download Who's really running America? Do you have any say in your government? - August 14, 2014
Download Lauren Bacall-- one of the last Hollywood greats-- discusses politics, love and her insecurities - August 13, 2014
Download Sarah Palin: Does Obama Admin think Tea Party "extremists" pose a greater threat to the U.S. than Islamic extremists? - August 11, 2014
Download Call your Senators to find out if he will block Obama's executive amnesties - August 06, 2014
Download Medical expert: I'd have "no problem" sitting next to Ebola patient on a plane - August 05, 2014
Download Michael Patrick Leahy: Sen. Alexander is on the run - August 04, 2014
Download SCANDAL: Obama goes to Shonda-land - July 24, 2014
Download Joe Carr: "Americans are hard working, but Washington is working against them." - July 23, 2014
Download Nashville radio legend: "Joe Carr runs towards the fight." - July 22, 2014
Download A "restless" Obama looks to celebrities for "intellectual escape" - July 15, 2014
Download Archie comics goes out with a bang! - July 15, 2014
Download Tired of having Obama in the White House? So is he apparently... - July 11, 2014
Download Is age just a number? Ingraham takes on the Gran-kini! - July 09, 2014
Download Washington goes to pot-- Ingraham explains why the Gov might want a sedated populous. - July 08, 2014
Download Obama vs. the law: Is the President on the wrong side of the Constitution? - July 03, 2014
Download Personal finance guru shares how parents can teach their kids the value of a buck. - July 02, 2014
Download The left resurrects its "war on women" campaign - July 01, 2014
Download Blood Feud: how do the Clintons really feel about the Obamas? - June 30, 2014
Download Hard-luck Hillary: Is the left turning against their anointed nominee? - June 27, 2014
Download Is it time for a bold, new America movement? - June 26, 2014
Download Laura's take on the big primaries last night - June 25, 2014
Download Michelle Malkin: We need more candidates who will buck the Chamber of Commerce and cheap-labor lobby - June 24, 2014
Download Rich Lowry gives his predictions for tomorrow's big primaries - June 23, 2014
Download Pat Buchanan: Obama is sending in reinforcements to help Iraq's border, but is doing nothing to defend ours. - June 20, 2014
Download Laura Ingraham takes the culture war on head on - June 19, 2014
Download Do you feel as though the American Dream out of reach? - June 18, 2014
Download Ken Timmerman: "Hillary Clinton is unfit for office. She believes that there are 'less violent jihadis' who can be our allies. It's pathetic" - June 16, 2014
Download Where is the Republican outrage about the invasion in our country U.S. - June 13, 2014
Download Why the Establishment got it wrong... and will continue to do so - June 12, 2014
Download Shonda Rhimes delivers a classless commencement address to the Class of 2014 - June 09, 2014
Download Dinesh D'Souza: "The gov. is surveilling its citizens, but is blocking surveillance of illegals at our border." - June 05, 2014
Download Did Obama Admin break the law by releasing the Taliban's MVPs in prisoner swap? - June 04, 2014
Download Army widow, Tabitha Speers, is outraged by Obama's fanatical push to release Gitmo detainees - June 03, 2014
Download Bring our marine home-- Greta Van Susteren gives us the latest on Marine Tahmooressi - June 02, 2014
Download CHINA WATCH: New story details how China's espionage on U.S. is deep and diverse, but Obama doesn't "want to limit China's rise" - May 30, 2014
Download Overdue justice or just bad racial politics? The debate on reparations gets heated - May 29, 2014
Download Ingraham: Earthquake in UK. Why elites on our side of the pond should take note - May 27, 2014
Download What information are schools gathering on your children without your knowledge? - May 22, 2014
Download Is the Tea Party on life support? Why you shouldn't believe today's headlines. - May 21, 2014
Download Bill and Willie Geist talk father-son bonding, personal struggles and The Stones - May 20, 2014
Download Ingraham: Dems in danger for 2014... Cue the race card! - May 19, 2014
Download Abolishing dress codes: is it free expression, or just more entitlement mentality? - May 16, 2014
Download Meeting our heroes: Sgt. John Peck gave all of his limbs to defend our country. - May 15, 2014
Download George Soros and drug legalization: another billionaire whose agenda will hurt the American people - May 13, 2014
Download James Rosen discusses the absurdity of Obama's Hashtag diplomacy - May 12, 2014
Download Popping pills to succeed: Why are our kids resorting to dangerous substances to get ahead? - May 08, 2014
Download Laura faces off with spokesman who says SCOTUS got it wrong - May 06, 2014
Download Teens popping the big question-- why "Promposals" are creating an unhealthy precedent of our kids - May 05, 2014
Download Sharyl Attkisson gives us her impression of WH's Tommy Vietor: "He seemed very young" - May 02, 2014
Download Should be-- Young & heart...& mind? A leading researcher's blockbuster brain news.... - May 01, 2014
Download Christina Hoff Sommers: we need to teach young women to take responsibilities for their actions - April 30, 2014
Download Claire Shipman explains how we can bridge the "confidence gap" - April 28, 2014
Download Stanley Bing tells listeners how they can stop sabotaging their careers - April 17, 2014
Download Randy Wallace discusses his new film, "Heaven Is For Real" (out in theaters today!) - April 16, 2014
Download Charles Murray has some advice for how today's youth about how they can get ahead - April 15, 2014
Download Craig Shirley: claims that Jeb is the next Reagan are "ridiculous" - April 14, 2014
Download Phil Vassar joined Laura in studio - April 11, 2014
Download Philip Howard explains why DC is so dysfunctional - April 10, 2014
Download AZ State Senator: ACLU's lawsuit is an unwarranted "fishing expedition" - April 09, 2014
Download Founder of the Gay Christian Network explains why Mozilla should not have forced CEO to resign - April 08, 2014
Download Cal Thomas explains how Washington can break out of its "Groundhog Day" cycle - April 07, 2014
Download Texas' own, Joe Ely, discusses life on tour and the future of country music - April 04, 2014
Download Gov. Tom Kean: "What you see with Christie is what you get. He's the most able politician since Bill Clinton" - April 03, 2014
Download Ariana Huffington discusses what it means to live a successful life - April 02, 2014
Download Are your kids over scheduled? Brigid Schulte explains how this can jeopardize a close relationships with our kids - April 01, 2014
Download The show is starting, but where's Laura? - March 31, 2014
Download George Will talks America's pastime, his love for the hapless Cubs and the history of that "nice little place on the North Side" - March 28, 2014
Download WeatherTech CEO, David MacNeil, puts American dreams first and hires American workers - March 27, 2014
Download Is marijuana addictive? Should it be legalized? Patrick Kennedy discusses our addiction culture - March 26, 2014
Download Big gov vs. religious liberty: Judge Ken Starr analyzes and predicts outcome of Hobby Lobby case. - March 25, 2014
Download Willie Robertson tells us why he wants you to go see "God's Not Dead" (in theaters now) - March 24, 2014
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