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Download Stanley Bing tells listeners how they can stop sabotaging their careers - April 17, 2014
Download Randy Wallace discusses his new film, "Heaven Is For Real" (out in theaters today!) - April 16, 2014
Download Charles Murray has some advice for how today's youth about how they can get ahead - April 15, 2014
Download Craig Shirley: claims that Jeb is the next Reagan are "ridiculous" - April 14, 2014
Download Phil Vassar joined Laura in studio - April 11, 2014
Download Philip Howard explains why DC is so dysfunctional - April 10, 2014
Download AZ State Senator: ACLU's lawsuit is an unwarranted "fishing expedition" - April 09, 2014
Download Founder of the Gay Christian Network explains why Mozilla should not have forced CEO to resign - April 08, 2014
Download Cal Thomas explains how Washington can break out of its "Groundhog Day" cycle - April 07, 2014
Download Texas' own, Joe Ely, discusses life on tour and the future of country music - April 04, 2014
Download Gov. Tom Kean: "What you see with Christie is what you get. He's the most able politician since Bill Clinton" - April 03, 2014
Download Ariana Huffington discusses what it means to live a successful life - April 02, 2014
Download Are your kids over scheduled? Brigid Schulte explains how this can jeopardize a close relationships with our kids - April 01, 2014
Download The show is starting, but where's Laura? - March 31, 2014
Download George Will talks America's pastime, his love for the hapless Cubs and the history of that "nice little place on the North Side" - March 28, 2014
Download WeatherTech CEO, David MacNeil, puts American dreams first and hires American workers - March 27, 2014
Download Is marijuana addictive? Should it be legalized? Patrick Kennedy discusses our addiction culture - March 26, 2014
Download Big gov vs. religious liberty: Judge Ken Starr analyzes and predicts outcome of Hobby Lobby case. - March 25, 2014
Download Willie Robertson tells us why he wants you to go see "God's Not Dead" (in theaters now) - March 24, 2014
Download What are your picks for March Madness 2014? ESPN's Bram Weinstein shares his predictions - March 21, 2014
Download Brian Cuban, a body dysmorphia survivor, shares his personal struggle to overcome his poor body image - March 20, 2014
Download Adam Carolla stands up to "patent trolls" & fights to defend intellectual property rights - March 18, 2014
Download Mary Bono explains how the Obama Admin is jeopardizing the future and freedom of the internet - March 17, 2014
Download Is there really a labor shortage? Steven Camarota reveals how big business is using this line to dupe the American people. - March 14, 2014
Download Is the American Dream still alive? Bob Parsons shares his story of how he made it big and how you can too - March 13, 2014
Download Mark Hitchison explains how NV's Lieutenant Gubernatorial race could stand to reshape the national political landscape - March 12, 2014
Download Should young women be looking to find a husband while in college? - March 11, 2014
Download Mick Ebeling is using 3D printing to build prosthetics arms for children of South Sudan - March 10, 2014
Download Would you allow your son to be a boy scout? Founder of Trail Life USA explains why he felt the need to create an alternative organization - March 07, 2014
Download Brian Kilcommons fields calls on how to raise a "smart puppy" - March 06, 2014
Download Dan Patrick: "Boehner and McConnell are out of touch. They've made our country worse, not better." - March 05, 2014
Download Brent Bozell thinks it's time we dump the establishment: "GOP leadership is an oxymoron" - March 04, 2014
Download Should the government play a role in regulating obesity? Meme Roth and Paul Campos debate the issue - March 03, 2014
Download Should the government mandate divorce classes for parents who plan to separate? - February 28, 2014
Download 3-person embryos? Bioethicist Sheldon Krimsky warns of the slippery slope to eugenics - February 27, 2014
Download Gov. Heineman (R-NE): "We need a Republican Governor to lead this country." - February 26, 2014
Download To spank or not to spank? Julie Hanks and Arthur Aidala debate the controversial question - February 25, 2014
Download Is modern parenting all joy and no fun? Jennifer Senior weighs in - February 21, 2014
Download Do you support the cookie-cott? Girl Scout spokeswoman speaks out - February 19, 2014
Download Does online dating really work? The experts sound off - February 12, 2014
Download Willie Geist checks in from Sochi to update us on the latest news at the Olympics - February 11, 2014
Download Bill Kristol unveils a conservative alternative to ObamaCare - February 10, 2014
Download Laura and former Speaker Denny Hastert face off on immigration reform - February 07, 2014
Download Roma Downey and Mark Burnett give us a preview of their soon to-be-released film, Son of God - February 06, 2014
Download Three traits you need to be successful? Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, lets us in on the secret. - February 05, 2014
Download Why do so many great artistic talents get hooked on horribly addictive drugs? Dr. Charles Sophy explains - February 04, 2014
Download As the gubernatorial race heats up in FL, Laura checks in with GOP candidate/incumbent Gov. Rick Scott - February 03, 2014
Download Sen. Sessions (R-AL) stands up for the American people and tirelessly wages the fight against amnesty - January 31, 2014
Download Elayne Bennett warns of the hyper-sexualization of our society's young girls - January 30, 2014
Download Is the "California comeback" real? Bill Whalen and Joel Stein sound off - January 29, 2014
Download Laura takes on Daniel Zingdale and his fight to extend ObamaCare to illegals - January 28, 2014
Download Finally a Hollywood film we can wholeheartedly promote: Gimme Shelter is out in theaters now - January 24, 2014
Download Peter Singer warns of the dangers of cybersecurity - January 23, 2014
Download Senior UK Defense Advisor, Sir Strachan: Obama is "chronically incapable" of military strategy - January 22, 2014
Download Kansas father, Mark Ellis, is outraged by common core's wildly inappropriate sex-ed curriculum, and what it's teaching his daughter - January 21, 2014
Download Are we pushing our kids too hard in sports? Dr. Newman explains how today's parents have gone too far - January 20, 2014
Download Ross Tucker gives his predictions for the NFL final four - January 17, 2014
Download Dr. 90210 divulges his beauty tips and the latest plastic surgery trends - January 16, 2014
Download Christina Hoff Sommers warns that masculinity is an endangered trait - January 15, 2014
Download Sen. Lee slams Obama's abuse of power. It's time we restore the power to the people. - January 14, 2014
Download How we can we instill gratitude in our children? Diana Kapp weighs in - January 13, 2014
Download Laura vs. Lucifer: Laura takes on spokesman for the Satanist Temple - January 10, 2014
Download Marcus Luttrell discusses his experience on the battlefield and the release of Lone Survivor - January 09, 2014
Download The experts sound off: should kids be allowed to play violent video games? - January 08, 2014
Download Brit Hume, senior Fox News analyst, gives his take on the most pressing news of the day - January 07, 2014
Download Elaine Donnelly warns that lowering standards in the military could endanger our soldiers - January 06, 2014
Download Dr. Arthur Brooks shares his insights on the formula for happiness - January 03, 2014
Download Victor Davis Hanson: President Obama has "orphaned" the middle class - January 02, 2014
Download CNN anchor Don Lemon: "I'll defend Phil Robertson's right to say anything because this is America" - December 20, 2013
Download Camille Paglia: Anti-Duck Dynasty crusade is example of the "utterly fascist and utterly Stalinist" PC culture - December 19, 2013
Download Author of "The Secrets of Happy Families" Bruce Feiler - December 18, 2013
Download Sam Bracken promotes The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative to help at-risk teens - December 17, 2013
Download Author of "Merger of the Century," Diane Francis asks why we're allowing China to bully us on the economic stage - December 16, 2013
Download Red State Editor Erick Erickson argues that Boehner is finished as Speaker - December 13, 2013
Download Social commentator Betsy Hart argues that stay at home dad's are ultimately bad for society - December 11, 2013
Download Eric Hoover laments the impersonal Christmas card culture - December 09, 2013
Download Columnist and satirist P.J. O'Rourke apologizes for the Baby Boomers...but still thinks they're great - December 05, 2013
Download Dr. Charlotte Allen reveals the new oligarchs in Silicon Valley - December 04, 2013
Download Att. Gen. Scott Pruitt (R-OK) prepares to challenge Obamacare in court - December 03, 2013
Download Comic genius Tim Conway shares hilarious anecdotes from his new memoir - December 02, 2013
Download Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson believes the IRS is ill equipped to manage Obamacare's individual mandate - November 26, 2013
Download Country music star John Rich is amped up for his new show, "Rich at Night" - November 25, 2013
Download Dr. Ronald Jones treated JFK on the day of his assn. - November 22, 2013
Download Former Sen. Rick Santorum joined Laura in expectation of his new film, "The Christmas Candle" - November 21, 2013
Download Former CEO of Blackwater Erik Prince reveals all about the controversial security company - November 20, 2013
Download AZ Mayor Scott Smith argues in favor of immigration reform to fix our "broken system" - November 19, 2013
Download Dr. Charles Krauthammer promotes his new NYT #1 bestseller "Things That Matter" - November 18, 2013
Download Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade promotes his NYT bestselling book, "George Washington's Secret Six" - November 15, 2013
Download Former Morgan Stanley Managing Dir. Andrew Huszar: Forget helping 'main street,' the Fed is helping Wall Street - November 14, 2013
Download Legendary screenwriter David Mamet joins Laura to release his new ebook, "Three War Stories" - November 13, 2013
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