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Download Sol Wisenberg: If true, it would be striking for someone as thorough as Mueller not to have attempted to speak to Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya - April 23, 2018
Download Ronna McDaniel: Dem Lawsuit Reeks of Desperation, They're Looking to the Past and Failing to See That Their Candidate Ran a Terrible Campaign - April 23, 2018
Download Former LA ICE Agent Claude Arnold: 1-2 Busloads a Day of Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the Border per Day - April 20, 2018
Download Steve Moore: Manufacturers are bullish on the future and talking about expanding their operations as a result of the tax cut - April 18, 2018
Download Former Immigration Judge Art Arthur: Justice Gorsuch got it wrong on yesterday's SCOTUS decision, and so did the analysts - April 18, 2018
Download If you'd gone based on the other pollsters in 2016 you would've thought we wouldn't have even needed to have an election because Hillary was so far ahead.
Rassmussen's Fran Coombs: We stand behind our polls 100% - April 16, 2018
Download Rep. Luke Messer of Indiana stops by to talk about his new plan to stop sanctuary city funding - April 12, 2018
Download John Fund: 'Blue Wave' Midterm Predictions are Psychological Warfare on the Part of the Media, They Want to Convince GOP It's Over Before it Begins - April 12, 2018
Download Joe diGenova - Former DC US Attorney, Partner & Founder, diGenova & Toensing on Cohen Office FBI Raid - April 10, 2018
Download Newt Gingrich - 50th Speaker of the House of Representatives, Author of Understanding Trump (2017) - April 10, 2018
Download Pat Buchanan: The Special Counsel is a machine to take down the president, they are Engines Inside the Executive Branch to Bring Down Presidents - April 09, 2018
Download Peter Navarro: The Chinese are Buying up America's Crown Jewels in Technology, the Arrogant Idea that We'll Always be First in Tech is Incorrect - April 09, 2018
Download Issa: We're seeing a movement among law enforcement against sanctuary cities, now starting to hold criminal aliens accountable. - March 29, 2018
Download CT Gov. Candidate Peter Lumaj: We have been enticing illegals to come into our state because of the benefits we give - March 28, 2018
Download VDH: What we are Seeing with Trump is Just the Beginning of the Rebalancing of our Relationship with Russia - March 22, 2018
Download Lanny Davis: Comey's Conduct is of a Man Who Chooses What Rules he will Follow and Which Ones He Doesn't Have to, it's all about Himself - March 21, 2018
Download GOTV for Jeanne Ives! 'Rauner is Throwing His Hands Up in Illinois, But Our Governor's Office has a Lot of Power' - March 20, 2018
Download Rand Paul: No question that there is a deep state, John Brennan and James Clapper were doing whatever the hell they wanted in the Obama Administration - March 20, 2018
Download VDH: China has brilliantly and perfectly xeroxed our political culture of diversity, they're our most formidable geopolitical foe - March 08, 2018
Download Claude Arnold says Hillsdale should send pocket constitutions to every school in California - March 08, 2018
Download Joe diGenova: These 17 People Would be Alive Today if Adults at the FBI had Done Their Jobs, But they Didn't - February 21, 2018
Download Jason Whitlock: LeBron's criticism of the President was unsophisticated, ineffective, and had no substance. - February 20, 2018
Download Hogan Gidley: Democrats' Hatred for Trump Outweighs Their Love of the Country - February 16, 2018
Download VDH to Lebron James: 'If you can't take the heat, stay on the court.' - February 16, 2018
Download Andy McCarthy: Rosenstein's Original Sin is That When he Appointed Mueller, He Did Not Name a Crime Like You Are Supposed To - February 01, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: The Clinton Email Investigation Was a Farce, The Message Was Set from the Beginning that It Wasn't Going to be a Serious Investigation - January 30, 2018
Download Joy Villa on Jay Z: His Comments Were 'Ridiculous' Money and Job Creation Matter in Black Communities Every Community - January 29, 2018
Download Kurtz: I'm a product of the mainstream media, but I've been radicalized over these past 2 years by the personal and political attacks on Trump. - January 25, 2018
Download Dershowitz: In a Mueller interview, Trump could refuse to answer certain questions; he exercised his constitutional authority in firing Comey. - January 25, 2018
Download Joe DiGenova on FBI's Missing Stzrok & Page Texts: 'This stuff exists, and it's all at the NSA.' - January 23, 2018
Download Carol Swain: He's not a racist, he's a true speaker. I think a lot of what he says resonates with all races, and that's why he's done so well - January 16, 2018
Download Rand Paul on DACA: Democrats want everything; they want what they want, and they've never been willing to compromise. - January 16, 2018
Download Rand Paul: To show we are serious about immigration, anyone picked up would need to be returned back across the border within 24 hours. - January 04, 2018
Download Roger Stone: Donald Trump is not a Confection, or a Career Politician, or Talking Points Written by Someone Else, He is His Own Chief Strategist - January 04, 2018
Download Homan: Every place we've built a wall it's worked, Trump making it harder for illegals to game the system - January 04, 2018
Download Ronna McDaniel: I firmly believe that pot is a gateway drug, and something that we should be educating our children about. - January 02, 2018
Download Bill Donahue: Better to Send Your Kids to a Public School Where They'll Need to Defend Their Faith Than a Catholic School Where They Might Lose It - December 19, 2017
Download Andy McCarthy: I Rate Jeff Sessions a '1' on a scale of 1-10 in his handling of the Russia investigation - December 18, 2017
Download Female LI Listeners Speak Out About #MeToo Movement - December 15, 2017
Download Roger Stone on Omarosa: She's not a conservative, doesn't understand the Trump agenda; She's Angry Over Her Firing - December 14, 2017
Download Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Was Duplicitous in Removing Anti-Trump Members of His Team and Now He is Being Praised for His Duplicity - December 14, 2017
Download Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore is Lightyears Better Than Jones on Illegal Immigrants, Building the Wall, Confirming Conservative Justices - December 12, 2017
Download Rep. Todd Rokita: I Would Fully Support the Renaming of San Francisco Park After Kate Steinle - December 07, 2017
Download Lewandowski: I Remember When Steve Schmidt Came to Us Begging for a Job. Now He's Criticizing Trump Just Because He Didn't Get the Job. - December 07, 2017
Download Joy Villa on Giving Up Her Baby for Adoption: Even though I had made mistakes, I knew that my baby was innocent and deserved a beautiful life. - December 06, 2017
Download Alan Dershowitz: You Simply Cannot Be Charged for Obstruction of Justice for Exercising Your Article II Authority as President and Calling Congress - December 05, 2017
Download Find out the True Meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lee Habeeb - December 04, 2017
Download Sen. Mike Lee - Tax Cuts Will be Done by December 'Because They Have To' - December 01, 2017
Download Jeremy Siegel: The Promise of the Corporate Tax Cut is Driving the Boom in the Markets - December 01, 2017
Download Ron Rubin: The CFPB is the Best Demonstration You'll Ever Find of Absolute Power Corrupting Absolutely - November 29, 2017
Download Niger Innis: Academia's Hyper-Obsession With Grievance Identity Politics is Harmful to Our Republic - November 14, 2017
Download Graham Allison: China seeks to displace the United States, and it is on Track to Do So - November 13, 2017
Download Stephen B. Presser: WaPo Has Used The Nuclear Option on Roy Moore; There's Been a Herd Mentality with the Rush to Judgment Calling Him a Pedophile - November 13, 2017
Download Foster Friess: I Never Would've Considered Running Had Bannon Not Called Me Up And Asked - November 09, 2017
Download Michael Pillsbury: Trump Using a Smart Approach in China, Using Their Own Culture Against Them - November 09, 2017
Download Julie Belshe: A 'Private Guardian' Took My Elderly Parents From Their Home Without Notifying Me - November 07, 2017
Download Byron York: The Bushes Slamming Trump is Chapter 4 of Billionaire at the Barricades Playing Out Before Us - November 06, 2017
Download Gov. Greg Abbott on TX Shooting: The World Has Evil in It, But the Only Way to Defeat Evil is to Rely Upon God. - November 06, 2017
Download Brian Kilmeade: There is a War on History Going on and We Are Witnessing it Firsthand With These Monument Controversies - November 03, 2017
Download Rand Paul: We'll See Growth, But This is Not a Significant Tax Cut - November 02, 2017
Download Roger Stone: McCain is Drowning in Bitterness, It's Really Pathetic What He's Become - October 31, 2017
Download Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Recalls the Fateful Day of JFK's Assassination. - October 27, 2017
Download Gov. Chris Christie to Mueller on Trump Russia Investigation: - October 27, 2017
Download Larry Sabato: People Are Wrong to Say Flake Has Courage Because He's Retiring; Having Courage Would be to Fight the Fight and Lose - October 26, 2017
Download Chris Buskirk: Nobody's Home at State Dept, Anti-Trump People are Running the Show - October 24, 2017
Download Col. Jim Waurishuk: I Don't Know Why W. Bush is Pushing Globalist Rhetoric - October 20, 2017
Download Rep. Mark Walker: Anytime You Have Lamar Alexander and Others Trying to Placate Susan Collins on Healthcare, it's Not a Good Deal - October 19, 2017
Download Rep. Sean Duffy: GOP Will be Destroyed if They Don't Pass Tax Reform - October 12, 2017
Download Football Legend Lou Holtz: Standing is About Respect for the Country; We Need Unity in the Locker Room for the Right Reasons - October 06, 2017
Download Special Ops Army Veteran Brett Velicovich: A bump stock ban won't keep us safe, there are too many ways to get around it - October 06, 2017
Download Tom Fitton: Opposing Donald Trump is Always Going to Be First and the Constitution Second With Russia Investigation - October 05, 2017
Download Bill O'Reilly on Going Back to Fox: It Was Like a Big Party, So Great to See My Old Staff and All the Wonderful People There - October 05, 2017
Download Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Vegas Shooter Was Likely Radicalized; I'm Mystified as to Why Law Enforcement Hasn't Released Hotel Footage - October 04, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: The De-Christianization of America Plays a Role in the Cultural Decline Leading to Shooting - October 04, 2017
Download Larry Kudlow: The Republicans Can't Let Themselves Be Mau-mau'd by the Left's Tax Reform Hysteria - September 29, 2017
Download AG Jeff Sessions: Border Crossings Among Criminals Are Going Up, We Need Enhanced Legislative Efforts to Secure the Border - September 27, 2017
Download Moore Victory Left McConnell with Egg on His Face - September 27, 2017
Download Trump's Comments Were Ill Advised, but Sincere; I For One No Longer Watch the NFL - September 25, 2017
Download Roger Stone: 'President Trump Owes Paul Manafort a Debt of Gratitude; Manafort Has Done Nothing Wrong & Will Not Cave to Mueller' - September 20, 2017
Download Amb. Bolton: 'Trump Does Not Have Control Over the State Department; He Needs to Staff People That Run With His Foreign Policy Agenda' - September 18, 2017
Download Sara Carter: Susan Rice's Testimony Exonerates Devin Nunes, We Have Seen an Exponential Rise of Unmasking Incidences for Political Purposes - September 15, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: 'Trump Violating Pledge On The Wall at His Own Peril; Not Sure How the Base Reacts' - September 14, 2017
Download Ingraham Callers Speak Out: Trump's Base Revolts Over Deal with Dems Promising Amnesty - September 14, 2017
Download Steve Cortes: 'Immigration Is Clearly a Sovereign Nation Issue; This Pope Should Never Comment on Politics, Especially Regarding DACA' - September 13, 2017
Download Gov. Abbott: 'Seamless & Well Run Operation During Hurricane Harvey, But We Do Need More Assets on the Ground' - September 12, 2017
Download Rep. DeSantis: 'Steve Bannon's Comments on the Establishment & the Swamp Has Merit; Everyone Needs to Push the Trump Agenda' - September 11, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'The Bush Establishment Republican Ideology Is All Over; If the GOP Wants to Be Productive, Work For Trump's Agenda' - September 08, 2017
Download Newt Gingrich: If Republicans Don't Get Tax Cuts Done By Thanksgiving - 'It's Over' - September 07, 2017
Download Sheriff Clarke: 'The Constitution Is The Bedrock of Our Society; Too Many Emotional Immigration Stories Getting In The Way of the Rule of Law' - September 06, 2017
Download Ben Carson: 'The FEMA Trailers May Not Workout to Well; Asking Citizens to House Their Neighbors' - September 06, 2017