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Download James Woolsey: 'Trump did a great job at NATO Summit; Obama's Spying on Americans was Illegal.' - May 26, 2017
Download Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: 'Election of Gianforte to Congress is a huge win for Montana, the president, and the party' - May 26, 2017
Download Alicia Acuna: 'Fox Reporter Saw Montana GOP Congressional Candidate Body Slam A Reporter But Says He Did NOT Grab Him By The Neck' - May 25, 2017
Download Byron York On The Media: 'Trump Has Gotten In Their Head; That's Why MSNBC & CNN Have Such Negative Coverage' - May 25, 2017
Download Fmr. CIA Agent: 'Count On The Government Monitoring The Trump Family; They Are Very Vulnerable To CIA & FBI' - May 19, 2017
Download Buchanan: 'FBI Has Discovered NO Collusion; Now We Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Years' - May 19, 2017
Download Tom Fitton: 'President Trump Is The Only One That Knows Washington; The Special Prosecutor Is A Witch Hunt' - May 18, 2017
Download Gov. Huckabee: 'Roger Ailes Built Success By Out Thinking His Competitors; Virtues In His Life Were Extraordinary' - May 18, 2017
Download Pete Hoekstra: 'AG Sessions Made A Cataclysmic Mistake Picking Rosenstein & Recusing Himself' - May 18, 2017
Download Byron York: 'Comey Surprised The Senate Intelligence Committee About Trump's Comments; Initially He Did Not Contact Senator Grassley or Burr' - May 17, 2017
Download Joe diGenova: 'Unwise Discussion Trump Had With Comey; It's Simply His Opinion & NOT Obstruction Of Justice' - May 17, 2017
Download Fmr. FBI Director: 'There Is A Professional Team of Subversives Trying To Take Down President Trump' - May 17, 2017
Download Fmr. CIA Director: 'What We Know Is Giving Classified Information To The Press Is Illegal' - May 16, 2017
Download Chris Ruddy: 'Joe Scarborough Has Gone Off The Deep End; He Wants President Trump Impeached' - May 16, 2017
Download Victor Davis Hanson: 'N.Korea's Latest Launch Suggests Progress Towards Long-Range Ballistic Missile; What U.S. Should Do Next' - May 15, 2017
Download Kris Kobach: 'Defends Trump's Voter Fraud Commission As Fact Based' - May 15, 2017
Download Andy McCarthy: 'Ray Kelly Would Be The Best Replacement For Director Comey' - May 10, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'If President Trump Forgets His Populist Routes He Will Lose His Winning Coalition & Break The Hearts Of Core Supporters' - May 09, 2017
Download Judge Napolitano: 'It's Clear The President Was Correct About Unmasking Of Trump Campaign Officials' - May 09, 2017
Download Fr. Scalia: 'Never A Good Idea For The Church To Align Itself With A Political Endorsement' - May 08, 2017
Download Mike Allen: 'How Trump's Agenda May Take Longer Than Planned' - May 08, 2017
Download Speaker Gingrich: Referring to Colbert Late Night Show - 'Pathological Rants From Today's Comedians' - May 03, 2017
Download Bob Costa: 'Real Tension Between Speaker Ryan & The White House; Especially on Health Care & Border Wall' - May 03, 2017
Download Ingraham Listeners: 'Upset Over President Trump's Wall-Free Budget Plan' - May 02, 2017
Download Don Rosenberg: 'Grief Fuels California Democratic Father's Fight To End Illegal Immigration' - May 02, 2017
Download Sen. Cotton: 'Failed North Korea For The Past 25 Years, We've Run Out Of Road To Wait' - May 02, 2017
Download Julie Barnhill: 'Talking to Your Child After You Yell: How Yelling Can Hurt & How to Stop It' - May 01, 2017
Download Byron York: 'Piety and Trump-bashing - The sheer awfulness of the White House Correspondents' dinner' - May 01, 2017
Download Michael Goodwin: 'Paul Ryan is Proving To Be All Talk - & No Action' - May 01, 2017
Download Trump Economic Adviser: We will not back down to China or the NAFTA trade agreement; we are committed to Americas best interest. - April 28, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: 'Congress Should Rethink Sending Money to Universities That Only Have One Political Voice' - April 27, 2017
Download Ronna McDaniel: 'If Republicans Do NOT Build The Wall, We Will Lose Our Base In 2018' - April 26, 2017
Download Marc Thiessen: 'Democrats Are Pushing Trump Further To The Right & Demoralizing Their Own Party' - April 25, 2017
Download OMB Director Mulvaney: 'Deep Issues In Congress & Leadership Is Not Trusted; President Cannot Fix What's Broken In The House' - April 12, 2017
Download AG Sessions: 'Border Patrol Agents Fired Up Over Trump Agenda; I'm An Admirer Of Bannon, I Have Not Felt Any Pushback On My Policies' - April 12, 2017
Download Gov. Abbott: 'Defunding All Sanctuary Cities Would Provide All The Necessary Money To Fund The Border Wall' - April 11, 2017
Download Julian Assange: 'WikiLeaks Is Extremely Annoyed That Putin/Russia Gets Any Credit For Our Leaks & Publications' - April 11, 2017
Download Julian Assange: 'CIA & U.S. Government Has NO Creditability On Assad Chemical Attack; Until We See Public Evidence We Have To Say Alleged Attack' - April 11, 2017
Download Gordon Chang: 'We Do Not Know Where Trump Stands With China; Ivanka's Child Should NOT Be Singing To The Chinese Leader, Sends All the Wrong Signals' - April 10, 2017
Download Buchanan: 'If You Try To Throw Out Assad We Will Be Fighting 4 Wars At Once; Including The Russians' - April 10, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: 'I Would Like To See The Evidence That The Attack Was Assad; It Should Be Looked Into' - April 07, 2017
Download Axelrod: 'Not Going To Win A Battle On Policy With Family Members In The WH; Populist Members On The Run & Corporate People On The Rise' - April 07, 2017
Download Dr. Gorka: 'The President Has NOT Changed His Foreign Policy View On Syria or The Middle East In General' - April 07, 2017
Download Alan Tonelson: 'Trump Must Avoid a North Korean Trap at China Summit' - April 06, 2017
Download Bob Costa: 'Trump Has Always Used His Family In Business; Could Have Real Consequences & Bannon Does Not Have The Full Influence Anymore' - April 06, 2017
Download Dr. Pillsbury: 'President Trump Team NOT Fully Prepared To Meet With China; Need All Members In Place First' - April 05, 2017
Download Andy McCarthy: 'Susan Rice's Unmasking -- Intelligence Agencies Alone Can Make That Call' - April 05, 2017
Download Michael Steele: White House to release a new healthcare proposal, with Trump targeting the Freedom Caucus, does repeal still stand a chance? - April 04, 2017
Download Ed Whelan: 'Gorsuch Filibuster- No Deal' - April 04, 2017
Download Anonymous Caller: 'Claims To Be Former Obama Intel Official; 'Says Susan Rice Will Be Granted Executive Privilege' - April 04, 2017
Download Fmr. Intel Official Michael Pregent: 'Unmasking of ID's & How "Incidental" Intercept Classifications Becomes Irrelevant When Underlying Info. Is Illeg - April 03, 2017
Download Rep. Jordan: 'Trump's Tweets Don't Change the Fact GOP Bill Didn't Repeal ObamaCare' - April 03, 2017
Download Ingraham To O'Reilly: 'Why Did You Apologize to Maxine Waters?' - March 30, 2017
Download Rep. Phil Roe: 'Republicans Are Going To Get Health-Care Replacement Done' - March 30, 2017
Download Rand Paul: Give 'Little Guys' Leverage in Health Care Debate - March 29, 2017
Download Gov. Huckabee: 'Treason For Democrats To Work Against Their Own Government' - March 28, 2017
Download Rep. Duffy: 'Voting Yes On Healthcare Replacement Plan; Only Chance To Get This Passed' - March 24, 2017
Download Gianno Caldwell bridges political divides to help out inner city Chicago. - March 23, 2017
Download Rep Brat: 'Political Pressure From GOP Leadership & White House Is Overwhelming Regarding Obamacare Replacement Plan' - March 23, 2017
Download Scott Drew: 'Baylor Coach Brings Faith to the Court As They Head To The Sweet 16' - March 22, 2017
Download Rep. Jordan: 'House Leadership Should Start Over On Health-Care Replacement; Sometimes You Learn More From Losses Than Wins' - March 22, 2017
Download James Rosen :'Comey Was Making Up Rules As The Committee Hearing Went On' - March 21, 2017
Download H1-B Whistleblower: 'Examines H-1B Visas Outsourcing American Jobs & Training Foreign Replacements' - March 20, 2017
Download Ingraham: 'Globalist vs. Populist Inside The Trump Administration' - March 20, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'If Trump Goes The Old Goldman Sachs Route; The Game Is Over' - March 20, 2017
Download Gen. Hayden: 'Saudi Arabia Is Not A Threat To The U.S.; Rebukes Sen. Schumer Statements About Trump Having Hotels There, He knows Better' - March 16, 2017
Download Sean Spicer: 'President Trump Didn't Mean to Personally Accuse Obama for Wiretapping' - March 16, 2017
Download AG Sessions: 'The Country Will NOT Be Better Off If Marijuana Is Readily Available To All Grocery Stores On Every Street Corner' - March 15, 2017
Download Speaker Ryan: 'Bannon & Priebus Are On The Same Page As GOP Leadership On Healthcare Replacement Plan' - March 15, 2017
Download Rep. Jordan: Republicans Need to Fulfill Promise to Voters with 'Clean Repeal' of ObamaCare - March 13, 2017
Download Sen. Cotton: 'Phase Two & Three Of The Obamacare Replacement Plan Sounds 'Mythical' - March 13, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: 'President's Intentions On Obamacare Replacement Are Good; He Shouldn't Listen to House Leadership' - March 10, 2017
Download Heritage Expert: Republicans Have An Obamacare 'Replacement' Problem - March 09, 2017
Download Victor Hanson: 'The Media Is On Great Russian Hoax; Reporting Is Flawed & Trump Will Stop The Frenzy' - March 09, 2017
Download Gov. LePage: 'Somali Refugee Community in Maine Supports Trump & His Travel Ban' - March 09, 2017
Download Dr. Shelby Steele: 'The Exhaustion of American Liberalism; White Guilt Isn't Real Guilt' - March 08, 2017
Download Rep. Dave Brat: 'President Trump Is Being Poorly Advised On Obamacare; You Don't Want The Federal Govn't Running Your Health Care' - March 08, 2017
Download Sec. Tom Price: 'New Health Care Bill Gives People An Opportunity To Purchase Their Own Coverage; Not Mandating People To Buy a Plan' - March 07, 2017
Download Mark Krikorian: 'Former Bush Admin. Officials Are NO Fan of Trump; New Immigration Order NOT a Muslim Ban' - March 07, 2017
Download Chris Ruddy: 'President Trump and Democratic Smokescreens' - March 06, 2017
Download Rep. Gowdy: 'There's a Paper Trail We Can Follow To Investigate Wiretapping Claim' - March 06, 2017
Download Rep. Nunes: 'Democrats Are Trying to Damage The Trump Message; Dems Have Zero Evidence of Trump Ties With Russia' - March 03, 2017
Download Ric Grenell: 'Republican Leaders Should Be On The Offense; We Should Be Setting The Agenda NOT Democrats' - March 02, 2017
Download Rep. Meadows: 'This Is Simply A Media/Political Hit Job on AG Sessions' - March 02, 2017
Download Byron York: 'The Optimism of Trump's Speech Reflects the Optimism of the Country' - March 01, 2017
Download VP Pence: Administration Putting 'Finishing Touches' On Revised Travel Ban - March 01, 2017
Download Sen. Manchin: 'Democrats On The Far Left Are Disconnected To The American People' - March 01, 2017
Download Sen. Paul: President Trump Will Lead Differently Than GWB - Won't Bankrupt Our Country Or Incur Massive Loss of Life - February 27, 2017
Download Speaker Gingrich: 'The Obama's & Bushes Failed In The Middle East' - February 27, 2017
Download Sean Spicer: 'Checks WH Staffers' Phones For All Leaks & More Searches Might Be Coming' - February 27, 2017