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Download 78 year old vet on coming GOP amnesty cave-in: "America has left me." - January 16, 2015
Download GOP is going the way of the Whigs - December 11, 2014
Download Black Caller Defends Police Officer In Garner Case - December 10, 2014
Download Caller phoned Hal Rogers' office; demanded he defund Obama's exec amnesty - December 09, 2014
Download Legal immigrant says it's time for Boehner to go - December 08, 2014
Download Black caller: "In my neighborhood, I don't fear the police-- I fear black teenagers in hoodies" - December 04, 2014
Download Guatemalan-immigrant 'sickened' by open-borders pandering - December 02, 2014
Download Mexican Immigrant: Illegal immigrants should be deported - November 25, 2014
Download Columbian immigrant outraged that millions of illegals think they have the 'God-given right' to become citizens - November 25, 2014
Download Her husband who works in construction has been hurt by Obama's extreme immigration agenda - November 24, 2014
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Craig Shirley - Author and conservative public affairs consultant, expert on the Reagan administration
Alex Nowrasteh - Immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute
Mark Krikorian - Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies
Kevin Costner - Actor, singer, producer, and director
One professor fights against liberal education
78 year old vet on coming GOP amnesty cave-in: "America has left me."
Kevin Costner: The new film "Black or White"
Will Obama, GOP find common ground?
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