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Download Capitalism is on trial because of politician's push for immigration reform - April 17, 2014
Download Bloomberg's gun restrictions proposal sounds a lot like what Obama's healthcare promise - April 16, 2014
Download GOP needs to be more racially inclusive when they talk about success and achievement. - April 15, 2014
Download Sports psychologist who thinks that co-ed athletic teams are a bad idea - April 14, 2014
Download Criminality in illegal immig. should be a moral issue. - April 09, 2014
Download Obama's gun control legislation feels as if it's being formulated in the faculty lounge - April 08, 2014
Download A Democrat who thinks Jeb is the GOP's best shot in 2016 because he appeals to moderates and Hispanics - April 07, 2014
Download "Here's a woman that's speaking my conscience" - April 04, 2014
Download Is serving in the military another job "American's won't do?" - April 03, 2014
Download It's hypocritical of the Church to mandate a process to become a Catholic, but not a US Citizen. - April 02, 2014
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