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Download Holder and Obama are the worst thing that's ever happened to the black America - September 10, 2014
Download Ingraham battles it out with caller-- Is NFL being to unfair to Ray Rice? - September 09, 2014
Download The U.S. needs to learn from England - September 05, 2014
Download First generation hispanic who is tired of the left "pandering" to him - September 04, 2014
Download Callers think Laura should do the ice bucket challenge - September 02, 2014
Download People need to stop giving advice to Obama that presumes he cares about America - August 29, 2014
Download The government wants to make all of our decisions for us. - August 28, 2014
Download If Burger King jumps ships and moves to Canada, she'll never eat there again - August 26, 2014
Download Legal immigrant: "There needs to be one rule-- in the classroom, you speak English." - August 25, 2014
Download Illegal immigrants are going to hurt the middle class - August 22, 2014
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