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Download Lives across from Heartland Alliance, saw them hustling 15-20 teenage boys into the building just this morning. - July 14, 2014
Download Where can I go to get asylum? - July 11, 2014
Download African American asserts that businesses should be able to choose dress code and demand respect. - July 09, 2014
Download Passing through Colorado, and everyone was high so they couldn't help her. Bad influence to her children. - July 08, 2014
Download If we don't deport these children, we will have chain legalization. - July 08, 2014
Download Congress should have hearings as to what's going on in these countries forcing these people to leave. - July 07, 2014
Download He's offended that NBC is co-opting Freedom Rider's struggles for #RefugeeRiders - July 03, 2014
Download In the Marine Corp during the 1960s, the marines thought tattoos indicated mental instability - July 01, 2014
Download Black woman is insulted by Cochran campaign's race-baiting - June 25, 2014
Download Disagrees with Jeb. Sending your kids to a foreign country does not make you "more family oriented" - June 23, 2014
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