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Download Callers: Ramos is the Al Sharpton of the Hispanic Community - August 27, 2015
Download The lack of respect for law enforcement today; I've never seen a climate like this in all my years. - June 10, 2015
Download Policeman Breaking Up Pool Party: When you are outnumbered use every precaution possible - June 09, 2015
Download Marvin from Chesapeake, VA: "I Never Allowed Myself To Use Excuses For Poverty, We Need To Move Forward In Our Society" - May 01, 2015
Download Why Are Millennial Women Not Having Babies? - April 30, 2015
Download Former IT Manager Exposes Ugly truth on so-called "Shortage" of American Workers - April 23, 2015
Download The Bush's are a family business to the large donors and they know exactly what their money pays for. - April 13, 2015
Download "Jeb please come on the show and educate us on all we need to know about 'conservatism.'" - March 24, 2015
Download Parents that share their kids information on the internet are insecure. - March 18, 2015
Download Obama and Eric Holder Have Been Fueling The Fire in Ferguson From Day One - March 13, 2015
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