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March 26, 2010 9:36 AM
Obamacare, Day 4: More docs leave private practice
Posted by Laura Ingraham
The New York Times reports:

An increasing share of young physicians, burdened by medical school debts and seeking regular hours, are deciding against opening private practices. Instead, they are accepting salaries at hospitals and health systems. And a growing number of older doctors - facing rising costs and fearing they will not be able to recruit junior partners - are selling their practices and moving into salaried jobs, too.

Doctors facing rising costs? Sounds familiar--medical malpractice lawsuits fueled by the Democratic trial lawyer constituency piled on top of increasingly lower Medicaid reimbursement payments have doctors running scared. And that was before ObamaCare passed. As the going salary rates for doctors drop under health care reform, the white coats will be fewer and farther in between. Get used to having less and less choice not only when it comes to your insurance plan, but also when you're trying to find a doctor's office to visit.
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