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January 29, 2014 4:50 PM
Your State of the Union Recap
Posted by Staff
Obama declared the State of the Union is strong. Surprise, surprise... did anyone really think he'd admit that he has led the country down the wrong road? The State of the Union speech was a bunch of regurgitated ideas and dreams, but, unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie: 63 percent of the people are fed up with the government and believe that we are heading in the wrong direction.

So what were our big take-aways from the speech?

- The supposed "olive branch" Obama was expected to extend to the GOP turned out to be more of a thorn branch coated in poison ivy.

- John Boehner looked like he would rather be mowing his lawn.

- Four Supreme Court justices didn’t even bother showing up.

- And Laura walked away from the speech with a cleaned-out purse (had the speech been an hour longer, she might have even gotten around to color coordinating her closet)... a year of action, indeed!

I bet Obama wishes he could go back to the ole glory days of '08. So Mr. President, go ahead and throw that hailmary pass on immigraion reform, or at least start looking for that time machine… Facebook Fark Furl
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