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July 2, 2014 7:14 AM
You Stand Up, and You Be Heard
Posted by Staff
The people have taken a stand and said, “no you won’t." The events that transpired at Murrieta, California on Tuesday have left a glimmer of optimism in those looking to defend America. Infuriated U.S. citizens, frustrated with the lack of border enforcement, gathered in protest to block buses carrying illegal immigrants from reaching a Border Patrol station. Standing up for their family’s safety and security, they are desperate for answers. What will become of these illegal immigrants, will they even be deported? The terrifying answer: probably not. And what’s worse, this is just the beginning.

Our big government, more specifically Obama’s overreaching hand, can’t continue its negligence when dealing with the border. We can’t allow illegals to reach the border only to be shipped off to the interior of the U.S., never to be heard from again. We also can’t afford to remain ignorant to the elite’s collusion. How is it possible that we have billions in “special funds” going towards dispersing illegals instead of securing the border? Something doesn’t add up, and its up to you, the hard working American, to stand up and be heard. Facebook Fark Furl
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