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March 20, 2014 6:05 AM
Yet another problem: Obamacare & Medicaid
Posted by Laura
You’ve probably experienced one or more of of the following due to Obamacare’s implementation: a premium increase, policy cancellation, your doctor retire early, your network of providers shrink.  (I’ve experienced two of the foregoing.)  But now this—a significant number of low- and middle-income adults will likely experience a huge fluctuation in eligibility.  Welcome to the new world of “churning.” Consider the following: 

The Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine wrote, "Our findings indicate that every state is likely to experience significant rates of eligibility changes over time." That conclusion has significant implications for providers as well as patients, according to study co-author Benjamin Sommers, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of health policy and economics at the Harvard School of Public Health.

"When patients change insurance due to these types of eligibility changes, they may end up in new provider networks and have to lose existing relationships with their providers," he says.  "In other cases, they may keep their providers, but experience changes in benefits such as their drug formulary, and have to alter existing treatment plans." Facebook Fark Furl
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