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June 6, 2013 12:35 PM
With immigration, it all comes down to Boehner
Posted by Laura

On my show Thursday Speaker John Boehner pledged that immigration would be considered "in regular order."  That should not give Gang of 8 opponents comfort.  Pro-amnesty folks are betting Boehner will sell out Republicans in conference. Consider what Washington Post Ezra Klein reports:

"The premise is that the purpose of the House process is to get a bill through the House. It could be a good bill. It could be a bad bill. It just has to be a bill. Because once something makes it through the House it will go to conference with the Senate. Once it goes to conference with the Senate, the Senate can force a product that’s more like its bill than the House bill. And once the process is that near to completion, House Republicans will be afraid to kill it. Speaker John Boehner will waive the Hastert rule, it’ll be passed with a bunch of Democratic votes, and President Obama will have something to sign."

Just as we've worried all along.

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