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November 6, 2013 4:26 PM
Will Christie be the GOP savior in 2016?
Posted by Staff
In Virginia and New Jersey the polls are finally in, but if you listen to the left-wing media you might be led to believe that yesterday was the Rosetta Stone to decoding the great mysteries of the 2016 Republican primary. Pundits have been incessantly spouting inane theories about how Cuccinelli’s loss and Christie’s victory reveal that the Tea Party was over-steeped and the establishment Republicans are the real winners in the GOP. Ultimately, however, the credibility of such theories will soon unravel, as anyone with half a brain knows that Cuccinelli lost because he was outspent, out-spinned, and, for the most part, outcast by the establishment. It similarly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Christie won not because he was an establishment guy, but because of his working class, ethnic, anti-elitist sensibilities -- he appealed to demographics most Republicans only dream of because he reached out to minority communities (and didn’t wait until the last two weeks of the campaign to do so). The question we should be asking ourselves now isn’t so much what lesson we should glean from the results of the election, but, rather, with Christie’s landslide victory on the forefront of our minds, will what played in New Jersey play nationally? Facebook Fark Furl
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