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July 3, 2013 6:13 AM
Whoops! Rubio's hispanic play--still losing Latinos
Posted by Laura
A new poll by Latino Decisions (most likely Latino voters) confirms the gist of a recent Quinnipiac Poll--and is terrible news for the pro-immigration reform GOPers. The survey shows Marco Rubio losing huge against Hillary Clinton (66-28) and Joe Biden (60-28) among Latino voters in 2016. Currently, Hillary has a 73 percent approval rating among Latinos. As for Rubio--his gets an underwhelming 31 percent approval rating. Former Florida Jeb Bush racked up a stellar 27 percent approval rating. Atta boy! As for the bogus argument by Jeb, Marco & Karl Rove that Latinos are "socially conservative"? Only 2 percent of those polled replied that abortion, gay marriage and family values was a critical issue for them. Not surprisingly, 53 percent said immigration reform was very important. Jeb Bush maintains amnesty is a "gateway issue" for Republicans to be able to reach Latino voters. When respondents are asked about pro-amnesty Rep. Paul Ryan (dubbed the "Marco Rubio of the House), more than 50 percent said they would be either likely or somewhat likely to support him--but key is that the question does not pit him against a Democrat challenger. Even if the poll numbers across the board indicated that supporting a "path to citizenship" is a true boost for the GOP among Latinos, it wouldn't matter once Hillary (or another Democrat) comes along and promises them a faster track to citizenship and other benefits. So any bump for the GOP will be obliterated anyway.
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