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April 15, 2013 4:53 AM
When Big Labor & Big Business agree....
Posted by Laura
What happens when Big Labor & Big Business agree? Back on February 21, 2013, Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka shocked the naive among us on the issue of immigration reform. They put out a “Joint Statement of Shared Principles," a Kumbaya moment. “We have found common ground in several important areas, and have committed to continue to work together and with Members of Congress to enact legislation that will solve our current problems in a lasting manner,” they wrote. Hmm...why would these two groups, usually arch enemies agree on this issue? Big Labor perhaps knows that the enforcement "triggers" in this bill are unworkable and will maintain the current flow of cheap, illegal labor into the U.S. Big Labor desperately needs to grow its ranks and knows that to do so would likely grow the number of its political allies in the Democrat party. A marriage of convenience.

As we are seeing with the current debate over immigration "reform," the little people (i.e., the middle class) are left out in the cold. Why isn't the president railing against the big money being poured into this issue? Remember Team Obama's old attacks on the Chamber of Commerce, when his press secretary Robert Gibbs was demanding to see its donor list?
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