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June 25, 2013 12:49 PM
What's on your immigration bill Christmas list?
Posted by Staff

 ‘Tis the season!! Pull out your old Christmas Wish Lists because the Senate is coming to town! No kidding, this 1,190 page immigration bill “stocking” is filling up with more and more pork-barrel stocking-stuffers by the second. From Pat Leahy’s insertion of amendments that waive fees for Hollywood studios to Harry Reid’s amendment of casino cronyism, this sleigh will require a U-Haul! Well, at least with the addition of the latest gift-amendment, we might actually get more trunk space. In order to get little Bernie Sanders’ vote, the Gang of 8 little elves smuggled in a $1.5 billion Title V amendment, which will provide transportation subsidies for “low-income” students to get to work (Move over Obama phones, here come the “Corker Cars!”). But, at the end of the day, (to harken back to tried and true clichés) it’s the thought that counts, not the gift… and no amount of handouts or sweetheart deals can change the fact that this bill, at its essence, is not a gift to the American people, and, in fact, will do nothing but prove irrevocably harmful to us as a nation of hard-working, industrious individuals. If it were up to me, I’d say, “No thanks, Ol’ Saint Schumer” and opt for some good old dirty coal in my stocking this year… Facebook Fark Furl
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