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November 7, 2013 11:10 AM
What now for the anti-Establishment conservatives?
Posted by Staff

The Tea Party has to realize that it will be very difficult to win elections when the Establishment is actively working against its candidates. If the GOP Establishment refused to support Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli, and deprived him of victory, what do you think they'll do if Ted Cruz or Rand Paul is nominated for President?

The press keeps talking about whether the Tea Party will stop Christie from getting the nomination in 2016.  This is nonsense -- if the Tea Party couldn't stop McCain or Romney, it certainly can't stop Christie. The bigger issue is what the Establishment will do. For years, I think they've been waiting for Jeb to run. This is a huge mistake -- Jeb will lose the election, even if he goes up against Hillary, even if the economy is still struggling. The country will not elect another Bush. But Christie could win. He is a remarkable political talent, and he's probably the only man in America who could bring together both parts of the GOP and make serious inroads into Blue America. Will the Establishment recognize that Jeb cannot be President, and let Christie have it? Or will they keep fighting for Jeb, and risk doing major damage to the party and themselves? These are the questions that every political reporter in America should be asking from now until the GOP nomination is settled.  Don't waste time talking about the tea party's "dream ticket." Most of the folks who make the tea party favorites list are just sideshows -- they cannot be nominated, because they can't raise enough money and they can't get enough delegates in the blue states. I am not endorsing anyone here--this is just a sober analysis of where things stand.

The Tea Party shouldn't be wasting any time on 2016. They should be concentrating on beating those Democratic senators in red states and keeping the House -- that has to be our priorities.

Oh and by the way, the "tea party" brand has outlived its usefulness.  Not sure why that should be carried forward--except that it gives the Dems and their pals in the media an easy way to vilify good conservatives. Facebook Fark Furl
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