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November 12, 2013 11:59 AM
What liberals think of as an Obamacare "success story"
Posted by Staff

Newsflash! Liberals see a growing dependency culture as a sign of real progress in 2013.  The Obama Administration desperate to find anything to crow about, and found something in the huge uptick in new Medicaid enrollees across the country. Remember Obamacare has twin alternatives--one, subsidies for some low- to middle-income Americans; second, an expansion of the eligibility for Medicaid for the poor (in participating states). Colorado health officials even have an interesting way of referring to staff who successfully marketed the government-funded health insurance:

"In Colorado, Medicaid applications in October were six to nine times what they were the month before, said Sue Birch, who heads the state's Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

A years-long effort to reach eligible residents apparently succeeded in generating the increased demand. The state has installed self-service kiosks in community clinics, hospitals and libraries to sign people up. And a year ago, nurses statewide agreed to help by promoting Medicaid to low-income uninsured patients.

"We said to our nurses: `OK, you're our bounty hunters. You go find our patients,'" Birch said.

Some states have used food stamp rolls to find people who might also be eligible for expanded Medicaid. Income verification forms used for food stamps require frequent recertification, so that means the program's beneficiaries are Medicaid-ready."

Bounty hunters!  The "bounty" is government funding.  Sick, twisted view of "progress."  Now who thinks Medicaid's expanded registry doesn't include illegal immigrants?  If you raised your hand, I have a piece of swamp land in Florida I'd like to unload.... Facebook Fark Furl
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