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February 6, 2014 9:08 AM
What it's like to be a Beatles fan
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Fox News:

“Now yesterday and today,” Ed Sullivan began the historic segment of Feb. 9, 1964, “our theater’s been jammed with newspapermen and the hundreds of photographers from all over the nation. And these veterans,” continued the jowly host of CBS’ "The Ed Sullivan Show," a hugely popular variety program broadcast live on Sunday nights from Studio 50 on Broadway and West 53rd Street, “agreed with me that this city never has witnessed the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool who call themselves The Beatles. Now tonight, you’re gonna twice be entertained by them: right now and again in the second half of our show. Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!

So enormous and instantaneous was the jet-roar scream that emanated from the theatre’s 728 seats that few in the audience, or at home, heard the final four words of Sullivan’s introduction: “Let’s bring them on!” Waiting behind his Ludwig drum kit, seated atop the other three Beatles on a white circular platform that was in turn perched atop an even larger white circle, Ringo Starr felt a bit…underwhelmed…by Sullivan’s welcome. “I’ll always remember…his introduction,” Ringo told David Letterman a quarter-century later. “You know, we’re in America, we’re expectin’: 'Here they are, the greatest! It’s the best band in England! And they’re comin’ on NOW!' And Ed” – here Ringo adopted a dour, matter-fact manner: “said: ‘Here they are, the Beatles.’” Facebook Fark Furl
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