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December 18, 2012 6:11 AM
Washington approaching fiscal cliff deal
Posted by Staff
Reuters reports:

After making major concessions on long-held "fiscal cliff" positions, President Barack Obama and House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner will test the reaction Tuesday of their respective parties in the U.S. Congress and continue talks aimed at further narrowing their differences.

The effort is designed to avert the steep tax hikes and across the board spending cuts set to take effect unless a deal is enacted into law before December 31. Enactment would require a buy-in by the full U.S. Senate and House on whatever Obama and Boehner present to them. Neither Obama or Boehner can be certain yet on how much resistance they might meet.

Though much work remains, the progress contrasted dramatically with previous movement so slow that as recently as Sunday, some Washington insiders saw a 50-50 chance of going over the cliff - which the Congressional Budget Office says would bring on a new recession. Facebook Fark Furl
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