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July 30, 2013 1:42 PM
WaPo (again) stonewalls on accused child abuser immig. status
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A few weeks ago, I reported on the case of Adderli Jose Cruz-Rosario, who is now in custody, charged with 55 counts of horrific child and sexual abuse in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Washington Post described him as a "native of the Dominican Republic" and a "day laborer." No mention of his immigration status or any sign that the Post had inquired about it.

Attempts by our staff to discover whether (as we suspect) the suspect is an illegal alien proved unfruitful. A police spokeswoman scoffed at our question after telling our producer that it was department policy not to release such information.

[Side-note: We have just received an unconfirmed report that Adderli Jose Cruz-Rosari is actually not deportable because of a law signed by George W. Bush on February 27, 2001. This law, which would produce outcomes similar to that of Obama’s Dream Act, dictates that because Cruz-Rosario was a minor when his mother became naturalized, he and his siblings were able to become U.S. citizens. Thus, ICE cannot touch him. In the interest of performing the Washington Post’s job, we are continuing to inquire and are awaiting confirmation of this information].

On Tuesday, the Washington Post ran a follow-up piece about this disturbing case: "In Montgomery child abuse case, a mother looks for answers." We found out that Adderli knew the children he abused, that their mother became pregnant as a teen and has since had eight children; that she had been on food stamps and homeless. But zip about why he was in the country in the first place where, if the charges are true, he was able to wreak such damage. This is just another example of unserious, agenda-driven reporting so common today. The interests of we the people get lost in the shuffle as the feelings and privacy of the undocumented set are put on a pedestal. Sickening.

This ever more prevalent police and government practice of refusing to divulge the immigration status of accused or even convicted criminals is an outrage. We deserve to know if crime is being carried out by undocumented aliens who should have never been here in the first place--especially in the midst of the immigration reform debate. After all, the press doesn't hesitate to lavish us with feel-good news stories about illegals who are accomplished: the budding entrepreneur, the star student, the school janitor who saved a dog from a fire. Facebook Fark Furl
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