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November 28, 2012 5:58 AM
WH beer bribes...wicked hangover
Posted by Staff
After President Obama had a closed-press meeting with about fifteen small business owners on Tuesday to discuss the impact of the fiscal cliff, his guests left the West Wing carrying gift bags embossed with the Presidential seal. Deborah Carey, co-founder of Wisconsin's New Glarus Brewing Co., was pretty excited to discover that her bag contained bottles of the President's special White House homebrewed beer. (Above: The White House released this photo of Carey shaking hands with the President in the Roosevelt Room)

"I got beer!" Carey exclaimed to reporters as she left the meeting, Politico reported. "I got beer from the White House!"

Well, that's one way to convince small business owners that you're right. Vice President Joe Biden was also at the meeting, and the other citizen guests included the CEO of a Louisiana construction company and the founder of a Michigan trucking company. Carey's craft brewery produces six beers year 'round, as well as 'seasonals' and a selection of 'surprises,' but the company only sells in Wisconsin, according to the website. Facebook Fark Furl
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