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November 6, 2012 10:44 AM
Voter Intimidation Runs Rampant
Posted by Staff
The Obama campaign, AKA Andrea Mitchell and the guests of her show, are currently touting their exuberant “confidence” concerning the prospects for today’s election. They are speaking smugly, lightly, and are giving the impression that they've already got this election in the bag.    

Do they know something the Republicans don’t know? Final battleground tracking polls are showing a dead heat, and Rasmussen, the most accurate poll of 2008, shows Romney up by 1. So from where does the Left’s confidence stem?

Maybe they’ve got something up their sleeves. In Pennsylvania, The Black Panthers are back monitoring polling places, and Republican election officials have been physically ejected from doing their duties. In Detroit, a Republican poll watcher was threatened with a gun. In Florida and Philadelphia, Barack Obama adorns the walls of polling stations, and in Chicago an election judge is wearing an Obama cap while checking in voters.

Former DNC chair Howard Dean said the only way the liberals lose is through fraud, but really it’s the only way they win! Facebook Fark Furl
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