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August 7, 2014 9:27 AM
Posted by Staff
It's time to retire Lamar. At a time when over 200,000 Tennesseans are unemployed, Lamar Alexander voted to undercut the wages and livelihoods of his constituents in order to appease his big-money donors and cheap-labor lobbyist. In fact, with this vote, Lamar Alexander voted to import 200 foreign workers into the United States for every 1 unemployed Tennessean.

Last week, Alexander skipped a vote to block Barack Obama's executive amnesty in order to attend an event for the pro-amnesty Chamber of Commerce. Ingraham explained that the reason Alexander refused to block Barack Obama's executive amnesty last week is because he voted for Barack Obama's amnesty last year.

But now, fearing that he may lose his Senate seat to anti-amnesty patriot Joe Carr, Lamar is trying to pull the wool over his voters eyes-- pouring tons of money into false campaign ads claiming that he voted against amnesty. Do not fall for Lamar's lies. Retire Lamar, Vote Joe Carr. Facebook Fark Furl
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