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November 5, 2013 4:44 PM
Tucker Carlson: Governor Christie is "probably the greatest political speaker I've ever seen"
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Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller, weighed in today on the gubernatorial elections, explaining how they serve as a microcosm for the national battle being waged between the left and right.

In Virginia, Carlson argued that the race perfectly highlights Obama and the left’s proclivity towards a strategy of fear-mongering and appealing to the special interests of big business. He explained that McAuliffe, taking a page straight from Obama’s playbook, has focused all of his propaganda on “scaring suburban women on abortion [and] scaring nonwhite voters with the idea that the Republican party is the white party and they hate you. This has been the Obama Playbook from day one: racial fears and abortions.”

Carlson explained that beyond fear-mongering, McAuliffe’s lead in the polls is attributable to the appeal he has to business groups: “Business went for McAuliffe” because “he’s a deal guy [who will] do their bidding. […] He has no core beliefs.” Carlson explained that business developers know that if they need a favor, they can “reach McAuliffe on his cell phone on the golf course and he’ll have one word for [them]: ‘done.’”

However, these tactics, Carlson argues, ultimately fail to hold up in the face of the left’s failing policies: “I think if ObamaCare had rolled out on September 1st, rather than October 1st, then Cuccinelli would win,” Carlson insisted.

Then turning his attention Garden State, Carlson argued that Christie has faced an easier fight because he does not strike voters as a social conservative (Carlson explained that social conservatives have been repeatedly vilified on the national level). When Laura questioned Carlson about Christie’s loyalties to the conservative party (given his fawning of Obama during Hurricane Sandy), Carlson defended the Governor: “He’s probably the greatest political speaker I’ve ever seen, but he’s the kind of guy who gets carried away with his emotions. He was really upset about New Jersey, and Obama came and saw a political opportunity […] and Christie fell for it.” Facebook Fark Furl
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