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July 21, 2014
Too little, too late
Posted by Staff
After learning the news of the Malaysian jetliner last Thursday, Obama continued munching on his cheeseburger and fries in Delaware during his "day in the life" tour, and attended two fundraisers in New York. On Friday, the Obamas decided to go ahead with their plan to hold a 'Kids' State Dinner" and then headed off to Camp David for the weekend. On Sunday, Obama took time out of his busy schedule to play golf with staffers. And this week he'll head out to California for some additional fundraisers.

This is the most disengaged, aloof, out-of-touch President that America has ever seen. While the foreign and domestic crises rage, Obama engages in frivolous fun.

The White House Communications Direction Jennifer Palmieri claimed that changing Obama's schedule might have "unduly alarmed" the American people, but we'd submit that American people are already alarmed-- alarmed by the fact that American economy, sovereignty, and identity are slipping away into chaos as Obama chows down, fundraises, and plays golf. We're alarmed that, in times of crisis, we're stuck with a President who is sub-par (to say the least).
07/21/14 9:21 AM
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