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May 24, 2013 1:36 PM
To the old Bushies trying to claim "true conservatism"
Posted by Laura
All the old George W. Bush advisers are coming out of the woodwork now, eager to jump on the "immigration reform" bandwagon that ran into a ditch in 2007. They were furious when conservatives rose up to kill the Bush amnesty, and are hopeful this time will be different. Many of these people--some are friends--still somehow believe in Bush's "American greatness conservatism" or "compassionate conservatism," despite the party having lost the House, Senate & Presidency during their experiment. They mostly looked down on the tea party, the grassroots people who grew fed up with big spending at home and abroad. Now in Commentary, former George W. Bush speechwriter & Mitt Romney adviser Pete Wehner queries "What is true conservatism?" He writes:

"What is required of statesmen is wisdom and good judgment, sobriety, foresight and prudence."

Fair enough. Could you give us examples of that from the GOP Establishment?

Looking back, was it "wisdom and good judgment" to launch two wars with no coherent plans for victory or payment?

Was it "sobriety" to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country?

Was it "foresight" to ignore signs that a housing bubble was in the offing, or to run up huge deficits all through the Bush years?

Was it "prudence" to put people like Alberto Gonzalez and Mike Brown into positions of authority?

Is it "wisdom and good judgment" to let Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer re-write the nation's immigration laws in a manner that favors the left?

Pete Wehner is missing the whole point of why the Tea Party is so furious with the GOP Establishment. Yes, we think that they are a bunch of squishes, hacks and sell-outs. That is true. But we also think despite all their advanced degrees, they're stupid. We think that their ideas on immigration are crazier than anything they claim Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann ever dreamed up. We think their economic policies make Herman Cain look like J.P. Morgan. And we think their political judgment is childish, and that they are always, always being rolled by the Democrats. We certainly don't think they are showing Wisdom, Good Judgment, Sobriety, Foresight, or Prudence. When they start showing those fine qualities, we will take them more seriously.
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