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February 27, 2013 4:36 AM
Time on their hands: President creates "Food Bracketology" game
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"Sweet 16" has a whole new meaning: Bacon vs. Pie...

Known for his devotion to issuing his annual picks for the NCAA bracket, President Obama has created a game for the First Family that was inspired by his love of hoops. That's the word from First Lady Michelle Obama, who revealed the President's "Food Bracketoloy" in an interview about healthy eating published on Tuesday. She said the Eater in Chief created the game over Christmas while spending time with extended family and friends, including loads of kids. It led to what has to be (groaningly) dubbed Munch Madness. (Above, the President filling out his 2012 NCAA bracket)

“Over Christmas we did a bracketing of foods — ‘food bracketology.’ This was the President’s idea, and he’s quite pleased with it — like March Madness," Mrs. Obama told Food Network's Healthy Eats blog.

"We were with a bunch of other families, and this was an evening activity where the fathers bracketed foods — like what would be the winner. And you’d have the top brackets — so you had your pizza and your fried chicken, but you had sushi and you had vegetables — broccoli, kale, salads." Facebook Fark Furl
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