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February 25, 2014 4:57 PM
This is what an America in decline looks like
Posted by Staff
[Video] The Pentagon recently announced its plan to scale back the US army to its lowest level since WWII. For anyone paying attention, this is hardly surprising. You are witnessing, first hand, what a power in decline looks like. These military cuts were inevitable. And we will continue to witness severe and crushing cuts to the way we spend our money because this is what happens when you are a country in decline.

So to all those decrying Chuck Hagel, take a moment to examine how we got here in the first place. For years, we have clung to a fantasy of free-trade (out of some fear that we might not live up to some Rand-ian ideal of what life in the world has to be like). But let's look at what the philosophy of free trade has gotten us: in the last year, we had an increased trade deficit with China. So what happens? America's GDP goes down, America's jobs are lost to overseas manufacturing, America is weaker at home, and, ultimately, America cuts back on those core expenditures (that we've come to depend on for both our own economic benefit and for our security abroad). That is what a power in decline looks like. Facebook Fark Furl
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