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June 24, 2013 4:57 AM
The unnecessary GOP crack-up
Posted by Laura
In all my years of complaining about the GOP moderates, I think this Senate immigration deal is the worst thing they've ever done. It's not good for the country, it's not good for the poor, it's not good for any of the principles they claim to support. And it's all being done in a shady manner.

Oh, and an opportunity to win an off-year election in Massachusetts was dashed (as I predicted) when the state picked the moderate GOP choice Gabriel Gomez in it's primary.

This week the GOP should be focused on the Snowden debacle, which is becoming more and more humiliating – and which underscores Obama's complete inability to deal with China or Russia. But instead, the GOP will continue attacking its own base with this toxic immigration bill.

Senator "Republican" Bob Corker who slithered in at the last moment to save the day for the amnesty bill, isn't up for reelection until 2018. Who really believes he would have played the same role of immigration savior if he was facing the voters in 2014? The same could be said of Orrin Hatch and and others. I hope Tennesseans, Arizonans, Utahans, North Dakotans, and Floridians have a long memory. As for Lindsey Graham--who thinks it's time to storm the offices of Rep. Trey Gowdy to convince him to run? Can't Jim DeMint be pleaded with to come out of retirement to rid us of Graham once and for all? Hell, Sen. Mark Sanford has a nice ring to it!

I don't see how the GOP coalition can continue on this path. What's the point of trying to work with people who are this untrustworthy? People who collaborate with the very individuals and groups that seek to vilify and undermine most of what traditional conservatives stand for? How can I tell my kids to cheer for folks like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush?

And to all those pro-immigration reform Republicans blushing over Chuck Schumer's effusive praise for your support of the immigration bill, I say:  Be careful honey, he won't love you in the morning.
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