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March 5, 2010 3:48 PM
The truth behind pornography
Posted by Shelley Lubben
Laura said we needed to confront porn and we did it! Just listen here!

Finally a powerful conservative has the guts to take on the lies of the illegally-operating and sexually-diseased porn industry. The smut it churns out is devastating our families and youth.

Pornography has many victims, from the modern day slaves who work in the porn industry to the youth who can easily access pornography using their cell phones or computers while doing homework. In fact, statistics say the largest group for viewing pornograpy online is ages 12-17. What a tragedy!

And now the porn industry openly preys on unsuspecting college students all in the name of education of course.

Recently a porn movie made its way to several college campuses in efforts to help the porn industry resurrect itself. Yes, with all the free porn available on the internet and major pressure on the porn industry by organizations such as Pink Cross Foundation, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Cal/Osha and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the slow death for porn is in progress and it's forcing the porn industry to seek creative ways to survive its imminent death.

Especially since they just spent an estimated $10 million dollars on the movie in question: "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" starring several big porn names such as Belladonna (who, by the way, has herpes, a non-curable disease that doesn't keep her from continuing to do hardcore scenes). Then we have Ben English, also known as Derek Hay, owner of LADirect Models who has been rumored to be under FBI investigation for prostitution as well as other illegal activities. Next we have Jesse Jane and Riley Steele, who appear wasted in a YouTube video filmed by TMZ. These are some of the "actors" in the movie that students will be viewing for "educational" purposes.

Why not discuss the backgrounds of these actors as well for "educational" purposes? Or perhaps a behind-the-scenes discussion about the illegal exchange of bodily fluids filmed during the movie? Or better yet, the unsafe and hazardous work conditions that porn performers are forced to work in?

According to Cal/Osha, the California Occupational Safety Health Act, adult film industry employers are required to provide a safe and healthful workplace for employees, and pay the costs of their health and safety program.

These requirements include:

*Following a written safety and health program, known as an injury and illness prevention program, or IIPP. In simple terms, an IIPP identifies potential hazards specific to the workplace and ways to protect workers from those hazards.

*Training employees in health and safety hazards

*Protecting employees from electrical hazards, such as those associated with special lighting

*Protecting employees from hazards associated with bloodborne pathogens

*Providing sanitation facilities

*Not discriminating against employees who complain about safety and health conditions.

It also states very plainly:

"The kind of contact prohibited by the standard is contact between skin or mucous membranes and blood or OPIM (other potentially infectious material)."

You can't exchange bodily fluids while making a porn movie. That's the law. But of course the porn industry doesn't follow laws.

In fact, one industry leader and so-called doctor to the porn stars stated smugly in a New York Times article, "Honey, this is pornography. People don't pay attention to the Legislature."

Maybe the college campuses would be interested in learning that the porn industry doesn't pay attention to laws like the rest of us do.

Learn more about the California health requirements regarding the adult film industry here.

Take it from an ex porn star, NONE of these requirements above are being fulfilled by the porn industry. The only fulfillment going on is film crew members getting "off" during abusive and degrading sex scenes filmed in private homes.

Yes, the porn industry is modern day slavery. How can this be, you ask? For one, young naive girls are lured in through the internet by fraudulent pornographers and coerced to sign contracts they can't even read or understand. Once the signature is there, they are forced into hardcore sex acts they never agreed to and threatened if they don't do them. Just ask former porn actress Michelle Avanti, who was forced to do a porn scene with 75 men who ejaculated on her. The men weren't even professional male performers! Men off the street were solicited through a LA Weekly by JM Productions and Michelle says she wasn't shown any STD tests from these "civilians". By the way, she was drunk in that video and pornographers knew it. Hell, they gave her the vodka and beer!

To read more about the hardcore truth behind pornography, read stories by former porn actresses.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free and with courageous conservatives like Laura and ex porn stars who have been there and done that like Shelley, porn won't be around much longer in America. It's just a matter of time and a hardcore dose of truth.

And with the help of God whose morals this nation was built on, truly I believe America will turn away from porn and turn back to God who loves them and has a greater destiny for their lives.

Thank you Laura Ingraham for being bold and confronting pornography. I thank you and your country thanks you!

Shelley Lubben is a former porn star turned Christian activist. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Pink Cross Foundation. Facebook Fark Furl
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