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November 16, 2012 6:34 AM
The rush to compromise...our principles
Posted by Laura
I woke up today to read about how Republican governors are "softening" on raising taxes. This was after innumerable articles about how Republicans are starting to embrace a "path to citizenship" for those here illegally. Both developments suggest that the GOP is panicking rather than thinking. And it tells me they are in more trouble than I thought. Grass-roots conservatives still make up the most vibrant and energetic part of the GOP. Many were less then thrilled with the often defensive and "generic" nature of the Romney campaign. (Tea partiers felt they would be the first thing Etch-A-Sketched out of a Romney Administration.) If turnout figures are accurate, millions of Republicans stayed home on Election Day. Now I don't think that was prudent thing to do--in fact, it was irresponsible. No candidate no will align perfectly with our views. Nevertheless, Republicans might want to start their "soul searching" by finding out why Romney didn't excite those registered Republicans who chose not to vote. In my informal chit-chat with passersby in 5 states, I found that many GOP loyalists felt bewildered by the Romney campaign. They saw him swing between being too vanilla, too cautious--and saying unhelpful things such as his "47 percent" comment or "I like firing people." They wondered why he didn't fight back earlier against the negative framing, Bain, outsourcing, etc. So it ended up that many showed up to vote against Obama, not so much for Romney. By adopting positions that are startlingly similar to those of Democrats in their rush to "compromise," the Republican Party could irreparably damage its core in an attempt to expand its reach.
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