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November 7, 2012
The meaning of the drubbing
Posted by Laura
Congratulations to the Democrats and Barack Obama. You ran an impressive campaign and showcased the best get-out-the-vote-effort in modern political history. Many of us were cautiously optimistic about Mitt Romney's chance for victory--we were wrong. But contrary to what the usual suspects on the Left and mushy middle are saying, Romney's loss is not an indictment of conservatism. The tea party remains the most invigorating force in the GOP, and conservatism's core principles still deliver the greatest promise to a demoralized middle class. Mitt Romney's "play-it-safe" strategy was a loser from Day One. He didn't really engage on the issues that motivate an electorate, or speak the language of reform that can move voters in the middle. It was not enough to mention Obamacare in passing or attack it with cliches like "it doesn't work and I'll repeal it!" His advisers were wrong to avoid both talk radio and more unfriendly forums. Challengers must be bold and forward-thinking (forgive use of word "forward"), but Team Romney seemed to be perpetually on defense. Time for some hard thinking about the GOP primary process. One thing's for sure: the conservative values that have brought the most freedom and prosperity to the most people here and around the world will need smarter, more committed men and women to carry the message forward.
11/7/12 4:37 AM
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