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February 4, 2013 6:04 AM
The few, the good...the commercials
Posted by Laura

Two Best Commercials:

Jeep/USO -- narrated by Oprah.  True celebrities are the men and women who sacrifice of themselves for their country, buddies, families, for little fanfare or money. 

Dodge/Ram Trucks -- The great Paul Harvey, one of the best in radio EVER, on farmers--their sense of family, work ethic, compassion and faith. 

5 worst commercials:

Gildan t-shirt filth.  Girls, sleep with your boyfriend, wear his shirt, and he'll abandon you!  I won't ever buy their clothes again.

Two Broke Girls -- a new show on CBS.  The "sneak preview" featured the girls ripping off their tops and a stripper pole.  How original!

GoDaddy.com -- Bar Rafeli and unattractive obese character actor kiss for what seems like an eternity.  You can hear the spit being swapped.  Grab the air sickness ad. 

Calvin Klein -- Guy's privates accentuated in his undies. Slow-mo for all the cougars, teeny boppers.  Marky Mark was better 20 years ago.

Volkswagon -- White guys using Jamaican accent.  Not racist, just stupid.

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