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April 29, 2013 5:12 AM
The "diversity" president flops...
Posted by Laura
...but will the GOP take advantage of the opportunity he leaves behind? This story from Politico points out a humiliating and revealing fact for Democrats--under the leadership of America's first black president, the Dems are less "diverse" than the GOP. Not that Republicans get any credit for that--remember, many liberals think conservative blacks and Latinos don't really count. (The truth is that there is nothing more frightening to a liberal pol than a courageous, smart conservative minority candidate.) In the end, ideas still matter. Republicans who choose to preach the gospel of individual enterprise, smaller government, the rule of law, and strong families can win converts in unlikely places. Pandering to minorities on issues like amnesty or creating new government programs will never work. Democrats can always outbid that hand--and will. Once you stray from first principles, it becomes hard to right your course because you lose credibility with supporters and opponents. We'll know a lot more about what Republicans have learned by this time next year.
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