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August 14, 2013 7:36 AM
The desperate new attempt to sell amnesty--the farmers!
Posted by Laura
Watch the latest White House ploy to sell "immigration reform." The argument is that without this cheap, foreign, often times illegal labor, American farmers will be an endangered species, conjuring up the fear that crops will rot in the fields, grocery store shelves will be empty, Americans will starve.

Regarding the White House pitch, note that amazingly, once the supply of illegal aliens was cut off, the farmer was forced to pay more money to his employees. Since most of them were quitting after three days, presumably he should have been paying them even more. So this example proves what we've been saying -- allowing illegal immigrants to flood into this country depresses wages and hurts American workers.

Now, the guy claims that without the illegal aliens, his small farm might go under. Let's think about that for awhile:

Imagine two farmers. One is very efficient, and the other is less efficient. The first farmer invests in new and improved machinery, and maintains a small but legal workforce. The second farmer is only able to remain competitive because he is using illegal workers.

If the supply of illegal workers is cut off, the second farmer may be forced to sell his acreage to his more efficient neighbor. But this is not a bad or unfair result at all -- if you can't compete within the rules, you shouldn't be in the game. I am very confident that there are farmers who know enough about agriculture to make a profit without breaking the law -- and those are the farmers we should care about.

This logic applies to all aspects of the U.S. economy. If one contractor can make a profit using legal workers; he shouldn't have to lose sales or profits to a guy who undercuts him with illegal workers. If one software company can make a profit using legal engineers; it shouldn't lose sales or profits to another company that's using illegal workers. By strictly enforcing our immigration laws, the U.S. government will ensure that all businesses compete on the same playing field -- and that no one gets an unfair advantage by breaking the law.
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